Apollo Electronic Cigarettes Coupons

Apollo E Cigs Coupon Codes – 2014

campus05 – 5% Discount – Can be used on all purchases
campus10 – 10% Discount – Can be used on all purchases




How to use Apollo e-cigs coupon codes:

Enter coupon code at checkout page. A Coupon code discount box will be available. Please note that Apollo E-Cigs coupons are one time use only. Make them count on large purchases such as starter kits to get the most out of them.

About Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

Apollo is a very well rounded e-cigarette maker that offers a full variety of devices stemming from compact electronic cigarette starter kits, multiple eGo e-cigs, all the way to variable power personal vaporizers and tanks. For those of you not familiar with an eGo e-cigarette, simply put a bigger longer lasting battery that often allows you to use different refillable tanks, but remains a compact vaporizer.

Beginners will enjoy their high quality e cig vaping and e-liquids while intermediate and advanced users relish on the extensive upgrades and accessories available on their online store. You’re choice remains easy with Apollo’s well thought out starter kits and properly described on the site almost certainly have something great to offer you.


Apollo E-Cigs Gift Certificates

If you want to purchase the gift of the best smoke-free alternative to a cherished friend or family member or your employees, but want to make it a surprise, it may be wise to opt for an Apollo gift certificate. It can be purchased and sent digitally or print. We think it’s best to allow the receiver the choice to pick what may be best for them while allowing them to discover the vast flavor choices available.

Apollo E-Cigs Specials Clearance Page

Apollo offers various items at clearance prices, featured on their ‘Specials’ page. You can find all their e-cigarette items on clearance from past-season starter kits, e-cigars, accessories and discounted cartomizers. Good place to look out for new discounted items every season.

Apollo E-Cigs Bulk Rate Deals

The Apollo E-Cigs site also features a ‘Bulk Deals’ that offers a small discount on multiple e-liquid bottle purchases but also allows you to purchase mini starter kits and eGo vaporizers in packs of 5 or 10. These are great for those looking to gift office employees or for group purchases, but also make a perfect choice for resellers, as they come in display boxes ready for store shelves. The choice is not limited, with 5 different kits to pick from, you get the bulk of their eGo device selection.