Sigelei Elite Tank V2 Review

Although Sigelei is known for producing remarkable box mods, the manufacturer got into the sub ohm tank a bit later than other companies. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t make it on time as they hope to catch the attention of sub ohm vaping fans with the Sigelei Elite tank V2. This is a temperature control sub ohm tank with a 3.2 capacity that includes two 0.3ohm Ni200 coils. It is also possible to get 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm Kanthal coils separately. The Sigelei Elite V2 comes with hexagonal coils that have a threading on the top and bottom, which means that they are not interchangeable. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Elite V2.

Presentation and Design

The first good thing to note about the Elite V2 tank is that it has a solid build, with a cool threading. It is simple, yet appealing and there are no leak issues, at least in our experience. The downside is that there is no top fill, although this feature has pretty much become standard within the industry. It is strange to see that Sigelei opted to exclude the top fill from their Elite V2. The kit is available for around $22 and when you purchase it, you receive two 0.3 Ni200 coils, one tank, two spare sets of o-rings available in green and blue. The wattage ranges between 15 to 30W, but keep in mind that the Ni200 coils have to be used in temp mode instead of wattage.

There is a variety of coils available and they support different wattages. For instance, the 0.5ohm Kanthal goes from 15 to 30W. The 1.2ohm Kanthal ranges between 12 to 25W. There is also the 0.5ohm Ni200 and the 1.2ohm Ni200. The wicking material used is made out of 100% pure organic cotton. As previously mentioned, the tank has a capacity of 3.2 ml, which is not exactly impressive, specially keeping in mind that the tank doesn’t feature a top fill. In order to add more e-liquid into the tank, you need to screw on the coil to the chimney while refilling from the bottom. It should also be noted that it is not possible to use your own 510 drip tips with the Elite V2 since the drip tip is wider than a 510. There is no RBA.


If you are a fan of Ni200 coils, the Elite V2 tank will impress you with the great TC vape on the 0.3ohm coils. The hexagonal coils may remind some users of the Kanger coils, although the Elite V2 ones can’t be interchanged since they are threaded on the top and bottom. There are juice flow holes on each face of the hexagonal coils, which results in remarkable wicking and juice flow.

One thing to note is that the coil heads have no labelled resistances. You may need to test them in order to find out the resistance. We hope that this is addressed in the future to make things easier for users. In terms of flavor, the Elite V2 offers an enjoyable experience, particularly with the Ni200 coils. The vape is consistently good and the air flow is smooth. You can easily adjust the plastic air flow control to get the air flow that is right for you.


Although the Sigelei Elite tank offers some good features, overall the experience is not as advanced and impressive as the name suggests. The tank is very affordable and in some cases, it is possible to find it online for as little as $16. The TC vape on Ni200 coils is very goo. However, there are many other sub ohm tanks available that offer a considerably better experience. The fact that there is no top fill and that the the drip tip is wider than 510, are other flaws that will put off many vapers. That being said, if you want a cheap sub ohm tank that offers good TC vape, the Elite V2 tank will do the job.