Apollo Phazer Sub Ohm Tank Review

Apollo is one of the most popular manufacturers in the vaping industry and its strives to offer high quality and innovation. The Apollo Phazer sub ohm tank is a great example of the impressive products that Apollo offers. It features top coils and can help you to enjoy a pleasant vaping experience when combined with Apollo’s V-tube. The kit comes with one Phazer tank with built-in 0.5ohm coil, one replacement 0.2ohm coil and a user’s manual. The tank offers a capacity of 3.5ml, wattage range between 15 and 70W and it is available for less than $40.


Apollo Phazer’s coils prime fast and you can enjoy intense flavor without using the whole tank’s capacity. At just 50W, you will get a great experience since the 0.5ohm coil does a great job at delivering the flavor. The Apollo Phazer stands apart from other sub ohm tanks due to the fact that its coils can produce good flavor within seconds. The coils that the Phazer uses are the same as the Modyapa, although they have a different base. The coils offer juice flow control so if you are using thicker e-liquid (which usually is Vegetable Glycerin based), it is advisable to leave the juice flow wide open. For e-liquids with thinner consistency (the ones with more Propylene Glycol), the juice flow will need to be adjusted.

The replacement coils don’t feature a metal housing around them and you’ll have to use again the original metal housing that comes with the first coil. Thanks to this, there is less material involved in the coils manufacturing. The replacement coils are available for a reasonable price (you can get 5 for just $13), so overall the tank offers good value for money and it is even more enviromentally friendly since there is less waste. The 0.5ohm coil of the Apollo Phazer works very well with the V-Tube 4, which is a 50W regulated tube mod that supports as little as 0.2ohm.

Built quality and parts

The Apollo Phazer is strong, made to last and it offers great quality. You won’t have to deal with annoying leaks. The drip tip has two parts, one of them is the inner tube, which is made of stainless steel. The other one is the glass external tube. The two pieces work together to ensure that the drip tip remains cool, even when high wattage is being applied. The tank is easy to open so you can refill it without hassle. The glass can be taken apart, which makes the cleaning easier. The air flow comes with two broad air flow slots that can be adjusted as needed. It depends on your preferences, but when the air flow is completely open, you may enjoy a better experience.


While the tank can produce solid clouds of vapor on its coils, which will be loved by many people, it is also important to keep in mind that it consumes a lot of e-liquids. Ideally, the capacity of the tank should be larger, or it should be possible to fill it to its full capacity. There is some space left that can’t be refilled. Another thing to note is that the Phazer doesn’t offer top filling, which would have been very practical, given that the tank only offers 3.5 of liquid capacity.


In combination with the V-tube 4, the Apollo Phazer offers pleasant vaping sessions. However, the 0.5ohm coil is far better than the 0.2ohm coil so it is advisable to use this option to enjoy better flavor. The vapor production is remarkable and the drip tip really stands out. The juice flow control that the cols offer is very impressive and so is the removable housing. In spite of some flaws like the lack of a top-fill option, the Phazer is an excellent tank that offers quality design and intense flavor.