Best RTAs

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers or RTA are very similar to sub ohm tanks that feature RBA decks. However, they don’t have support for pre-built coils and in general, they provide greater flexibility and allow you to adjust the vaping performance to your preferences. RTAs are known for offering a wide range of alternatives in terms of coil configurations, tank capacities for e-juice, wicking channels and more. If you want to have more control over your vaping experience and enjoy great performance, RTAs may be just what you are looking for.

RTAs are not new in the industry, but they have gained popularity in recent years and nowadays, there are many options available. One of the reasons why RTAs are gaining a lot of fans is that they offer freedom to personalize your vape. If you are considering to move from subohm tanks to RTAs, or if you want to take your RTA experience to the next level, the below list will help you to choose a model that is right for your needs. Before we start to present the selection of best RTAs, there is some information about these devices that is worth keeping in mind.

Apart from RTAs, there are other types of rebuildable atomizers available including RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers), Genesis atomizers and RDTAs, which stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. In most cases, the latter type is considered as the same as RTAs. They are basically RTAs with side airflow. All these kinds of rebuildable atomizers use a soil or cols that are made by the vaper as they wrap wire around a small rod. Users also need to create a wick to transport the e-liquid to the coil or coils. The wire used to wrap the coils can be Kanthal A1, Titanium (ti grade 1), Nickel (ni200) or stainless steel.

What makes RTAs stand out from other atomizers?

The main difference between an RTA and and RDA is that the RDA has a small well at the bottom to keep the e-juice and they hold less liquid than RTAs. There are multiple benefit of using RTAs instead of RDAs, subohm tanks or Genesis atomizers. One of them is that RTAs offer more flexibility and you are less likely to run out of wire at the worst time. This is because a roll of wire can last up many months and even years. Unlike RDA users, RTA users don’t need to constantly drip more e-liquid into their atomizer because RTAs can hold more liquid. If you have an RTA that has a large capacity, you can vape all day long without having to refill or carry e-liquid bottles with you. In addition, the majority of RTAs don’t leak, as long as you keep them upright.

Best RTAs currently available


This is the first RTA model in the TF (Taste Furious) series created by SMOK. It is an impressive RTA that offers high power, magnificent design and solid built. It features quad-coil deck and it is similar in size to the original TFV4 sub-ohm clearomizer tank by SMOK. If you are an experienced user who is looking to take vaping to the next level, this affordable RTA is the way to go. Its striking design and good flavor are just some of the reasons to consider it as one of the best RTAs out there.

Avocado 24mm

GeekVape is a manufacturer known for creating stylish devices that offer great performance. The Avocado RDTA was a major success for the company and it now the 24mm version is available. It is an option suitable for beginners thanks to its convenient design and the versatility that it offers in terms of airflow. Considering the high quality of the Avocado RDTA, it offers good value for money. You can enjoy amazing vapor production and rich flavor.

Griffin 25mm RTA

The 25mm version of the popular Griffin RTA by GeekVape is another great option to consider. There are two options available: one with top airflow and one without it. This atomizer also features Velocity-style deck and the airflow under the coils is now larger. The e-liquid capacity has also been increased and thanks to the high quality PEEK insulator and gold plated 510 pin, it offers a stable connection when you use it in Temperature Control. The Griffin 25mm RTA is a good option for beginners, but will also attract those with more experience. It offers great flavor and fantastic clouds.

Pharaoh Dripper Tank

The Pharaoh has a unique build deck that supports single and dual coil builds in multiple settings. There are many ways to configure the airflow with three central rectangular slots that can be adjusted and that are suitable for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. The versatile deck allows a variety of builds and you can expect remarkable flavor and impressive clouds. The only downside is that it only holds 2 ml of e-liquids. While this is more than what the majority of RDAs offer, it may be too small for many vapers.

Serpent Mini RTA

Wotofo offer the Serpent Mini, a single-coil RTA with a small size but great performance. It features juice control, which is activated by a top controlled ring that supports optimal wick saturation. Apart from making wicking simple, this Mini RTA will give you intense flavor, thick clouds and it is easy to fill. The only disadvantage is that the airflow is not very wide.

SvoeMesto Kayfun v5

Like its predecessors, the Kayfun v5 by SvoeMesto is a popular option for vapers who want to enjoy top quality flavor. It is easier to dissemble and to clean than the v4 and it features a larger build deck, so you can use it with top-end coils like Clapton. You can enjoy direct to lung vaping. The design makes filling easier. You can get used to the wiciking without hassle and the vapor production is remarkable.

Limitless RDTA

iJoy’s Limitless RDTA features Velocity-style posts and it is easy to coil thanks to the large deck. You can use large, sophisticated coils without any hassle and even if you are a beginner, you will be able to wick the Limitless RDTA in no time. The airflow can be adjusted easily just by turning the cap and when it is wide open, you can enjoy a great direct to lung vaping experience. It is ideal for users who want to enjoy intense flavor.