VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer Review

The Cloud EVO is a premium convection desktop vaporizer created by VapeXhale. It offers incredible vapor production thanks to its outstanding heating method, various Hydratubes and its vapor path that is completely made out of glass. With the VapeXhale Cloud EVO you can cape concentrates and dry herbs. If you want to vape at home and want a device that provides a powerful hit, the Cloud EVO can be the right choice.

Design and presentation

The Cloud EVO is 8″ tall, 3 1/4″ deep and 3″ wide. It doesn’t have any glass attached to the top and it is designed for use at home. The standard starter kit includes a glass mouthpiece and VapeXhale also offers Hydratubes for water filtration. The base unit is relatively small, but once the glass attachments are added, it is clear that the unit is a table top vaporizer that wouldn’t be the most practical solution for use on the go. The base stays firmly on your desk and the on/off switch is offers high quality and it is very easy to use.

The standard kit comes with the Cloud EVO, one standard mouthpiece, one VapeXNail concentrate attachment and two herb baskets. The standard kit is good to get started and it costs around $350, but it is advisable to try to get one of the kits that come with a HydraTube. This will allow you to get the most out of the Cloud EVO and to discover its full potential. Each HydraTube offers a variety of diffusion levels and flow levels.

Heating method

The Cloud EVO has a ceramic heating element and it features a PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology system that allows the vaporizer to adjust the temperature precisely depending on your inhale, or a convection method. The heater is capable of producing amazing clouds that are very enjoyable. The vaporizer heats up in just about two minutes, which is the general heating time for desktop vaporizers. The Cloud EVO also has a 30 minute auto shut-off feature that is good for safety. To control the temperature, a radial dial us used and there is a clock to estimate temps. To give you an idea, 200F would be 7:00 in the dial. The best temperature to select will depend on the vaping material, as well as the type of HydraTube or Mouthpiece that you go for. Thanks to the dial approach setting, you can easily tune each session.

Using the Cloud EVO

Ease of use is one of the advantages of going for the Cloud EVO as all you need to do is to switch the unit on and select the temperature that you prefer. Usually it will save the last temperature used and it will automatically start to heat to that temp. While the unit is heating up, the top glass piece glows red and when it has reached the desired temp and it is ready to go, it will turn green. When the vaporizer is in auto-shutoff, it will blink red and green. Once the unit is read, you just need to load the vaping material. Then place the mouthpiece or Hydratube over the top of the vaporizer. For concentrates, you would use the VapeXNails. It is advisable to get some additional VapeXNails as they can get dirty very quickly.

The HydraTube is what makes the Cloud EVO stand apart from other options. Although you can enjoy a good experience with the standard mouthpiece, the HydraTube allows for bigger draws thanks to the added water filtration. Each of the HydraTubes available offer a varying draw resistance and diffusion. If you want to get outstanding flavor, the VapeXHale Turbine is your best bet. If you want the least amount of resistance or the highest amount of flow, consider the VapeXHale HydraBomb.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and keeping your Cloud EVO in good condition is easy, but you should try to brush and wide out the basket after every session. To clean the basket, you can soak it in ISO for around 10 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. Make sure that it is completely dry before using it again. Cleaning the VapeXNails is a bit more complicated. You can use ISO and salt, but the bottom of the nails tend to get very dirty and it is difficult to get it clean. As previously mentioned, it is a good idea to get extra baskets and VapeXNail attachments.


When you get the Cloud EVO, you are covered by a three year warranty. It should be noted that this only covers in case of manufacturing or material defects under normal use of the unit. In order to receive service if needed, you need to register your Cloud EVO. The good news is that you can expect professional and helpful service from VapeXhale. There is also a 3-year Platinum Warranty that offers coverage in case of accidental damage or breakage. It should be noted that it only covers you once during the warranty period. The Platinum Warranty covers both the vaporizer and the HydraTube. It includes shipping costs associated to product repairs and it give syu priority service.


The Cloud EVO form Vaxhale is a powerful and reliable solution for heavy vapers. It offers great vapor production and accessories that can enhance your experience. Although it is not a portable or discreet solution, it is perfect for use at home and it delivers consistently good results.