Hana Modz DNA 40 Review

Hana Modz offers a temperature protected, advanced vape controller that allows you to control the power and enjoy standard safety features. The DNA 40 provides 500 mA of charge current thorough its micro powered built-in DNA charger. The device also features floating 510 connection pin and it uses a 18550 battery. To find out what makes the DNA 40 stand out, we’ll take a look at its most relevant features.


The DNA 40 is a the first chip for electronic cigarettes that can measures directly and limit the temperature of the heating coil while it is being used. It prevents the coil from getting too hot, no matter what liquid, airflow or wicking material is used. Thanks to this, it is safer to use and you can avoid issues like dry hits or burnt cotton when you use Nickel 200 wire, rather than Kanthal. The DNA 40 shows your temperature limit, instead of voltage and it is possible to adjust it as needed so that you can get the best flavor without burnt cotton or dry hits.

There is a feature known as Preheat, which is activated when the DNA40 is used with a temperature sensing atomizer. If the temperature is below the liquid’s boiling point, no vapor is produced. With Preheat, additional power is applied until the heating coil is up to operating temperature to reduce the delay between pressing the fire button and producing vapor. Since preheat uses lower temperature, it won’t overhear or burn the vapor. In addition, the DNA40 offers pass-through capabilities, which means that you can vape it while it is being charged.

The output power goes between 1 watt to 40 watts and the output voltage gives you between 1 and 9.0 volts. The temperature goes from 200 F to 600 F and the Input Voltage gives you 3.1 volts to 4.3 volts. The input current is between .5 amps to 16.0 amps and the screen on current is 25mA. The DNA 40 is lightweight and its OLED screen has a size of just .69-inches. The OLED display shows information such as ohm, battery status, temperature, voltage and error messages.

The Hana Modz gas a 6061 aluminium body and it features temperature protection Evolv patented technology. The1800mah Lithium Polymer battery is included and there is reverse battery protection. Thanks to the overcharge protection, the charging process is stooped once the device is fully charged. As preciously mentioned, the pass-through functionality allows you to use the device, even while it is being charged.


The device uses one 18650 battery and it delivers fantastic battery life, even when a higher wattage is selected. Hana Modz recommends the Samsung 25r for use with the DNA 40. The output power ranges between 1 and 40 watts, while the output voltage goes from 1 volt to 9.0 volts. The threading is the standard 510 flush mount connection, meaning that you can use your favorite atomizer on it and ensure that it fits without issues.

Design and presentation

When you purchase the Hana Mods DNA 40, you get the mod and one USB cable for charging. The Hana Modz 40W mod is made of T6061 billet aluminium and there is a variety of options available including Green, Red, Black, Gunmetal, Navy Blue and Purple. The OLED screen is located on the front of the device and it is easy to read. It displays useful information such as battery life, voltage, atomizer resistance and wattage. The Hana Modz DNA 40 can be used with clearomizers such as the Aspire Atlantis, The Kanger Aerotank Turbo Dual Coil Clearomizer and the SMOK VCT A1 Sub Ohm Tank.

Using the DNA 40

In order to start using the Hana Modz DNA 40, the first thing you need to do is to tap the fire button. You can use the same button to produce vapor. To change the wattage, click or hold down the up or down buttons.

Changing the atomizers

It is important to keep in mind that the DNA 40 calculates the temperature of the heating coil using the resistance of the atomizer. It is constantly checking if a new or changed atomizer has been connected. If you are using temperature protection, make sure that you only attach to the device, new atomizers that have cooled to room temperature.

If a new atomizer is attached to the DNA 40 before the device has cooled down, the temperature reading would activate the protection until the new atomizer cools down. When you connect a new atomizer or disconnect and reconnect an existing one, the DNA 40 will ask you to confirm the change. It will ask you if there is a new coil and you can press the up button for Yes and the down button for No.

Safety features

Overcharge protection and temperature protection are the main safety features supported by the Hana Modz DNA 40. In case there is an issue with the device, you may see the error messages listed below.

Shorted – This indicates that the atomizer or wiring are short circuited
Weak Battery – The battery has to be charged or you need to use a higher rated battery. When you get this error, the DNA 40 will continue firing the atomizer, but you won’t get the wattage that you want. The message will continue flashing for a few seconds after you take a puff.

Check Atomizer – The DNA 40 is unable to detect an atomizer or the atomizer has shorted out. Another possibility is that the atomizer resistance is not right for the power setting.

Temperature protection – This indicates that the heating coil reached its maximum allowed temperature while you were puffing. When this happens, the DNA 40 will still fire, but you won’t get the wattage that you want.

Ohms too high – This means that the resistance of the atomizer coil is too high for the current wattage setting. If this is the case, the DNA 40 will still fire, but it won’t provide the wattage that you want. The Ohms too High message will still flash for a while after you finished vaping.

Ohms too low – This refers to the fact that the atomizer coil is too low for the current wattage setting. When this happens, the DNA 40 will still fire, but it won’t be able to give you the wattage that you want. The error message will still flash for a few seconds, after you have finished vaping.

Too hot – Since the unit has on-board temperature sensing, if the internal board temperature is extremely high, it will shut down and you will see this error message.
Auto Power Down – The screen will be fully bright while it is firing. After 10 seconds, with no button pressed, the screen will dim 30 seconds after the last button press. The screen will fade out and the DNA 40 will go into sleep mode. You can press the fire button to activate it.