Tugboat V2 RDA review

Flawless honors its name by creating a fine RDA atomizer, the Tugboat V2, which features a stylish design available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit different preferences. Although its visual appeal is impressive, the Tugboat V2 is fairly simple and it is built on a regular framework for RDAs. While it doesn’t have complicated pieces, it has a solid construction that you would usually expect only from high-end or advanced models. If you are looking to get started into dripping, it is a good option to begin with. The Tugboat V2 features airflow options that can accommodate single or dual coils. It is basically a flavor-chasing RDA that offers great vapor production, but it is even more effective when it comes to delivering an intense flavor experience.

Presentation and Design

Some users will be disappointed by the lack of packaging and extra parts, but it shouldn’t be a big deal since this is the same case for most RDAs. Since packaging and additional parts can be expensive, some manufacturers have opted for saving costs in this area. However, the Tugboat V2 stands out for its matching drip tip, which is not something that you can get from most manufacturers. The Tugboat features stainless steel deck, a standard three post design and a gold plated center post. The juice well is extra deep and the extra deep juice well and dual adjustable airflow are other features that are worth noting. The redesigned top cap provides easier adjustment.

When it comes to aesthetics, it is worth noting that the Tugboat V2 RDA has a Cerakoted splatter design and it features the Flawless and Tugboat engraving an design that have made the manufacturer noticed around the world. You can get the device in a variety of interesting options including Black with Blue splatter, Baby Blue Splatter, Black with Red Splatter and Zombie Splatter. The device has a three-post deck with gold-plated center post, large post-holes and solid, flat-bottom screws. The Tugboat V2 is visually appealing and while those who prefer simplicity may feel like the device has too many details and markings. The Tugboat V2 works well overall and the cerakote finish complements the looks perfectly. All the pieces fit tightly so you won’t need to worry about them coming off unexpectedly.


Given that the Tugboat V2 is a three-post dripper, the ease of build would vary from user to user as it depends on their experience with this kind of device. That being said, three-post drippers are widely used and the Tugboat V2 can be considered as an easy to build solution in this category. It may take a few times until you can find the right build, but playing around with the device and trying different things can be part of the fun. Unlike other three-post drippers, the Tugboat V2 features good quality Phillips head screws that haven’t backed out or clipped any wires. Although the fact that the screws are good shouldn’t be a big deal or the main reason to choose a dripper, since unfortunately many devices have issues in this area, the Tugboat V2 deserves recognition for getting it right.

Although in the case of drippers, the size of the juice well is not the main aspect to keep into consideration, it must be said that the Tugboat V2 offers a large capacity well that allows it to stand out from its competitors. In terms of airflow, the Tugboat V2 comes with three sets of two air holes so it is possible to set it up for dual or single coils. Considering the stock cap’s airflow capacity, this can be seen as a solution that provides a medium amount of airflow. One thing to highlight about the Tugboat V2 is that it offers an effortless and silent draw. The airflow is simple, but thanks to the design and the way in which the device is built, you can get a smooth draw and no whistles or annoying noise will disturb you, even if you are taking a big draw.

To adjust the airflow controller, you just need to hold the barrel and turn the top cap. The barrel comes with two holes that match two holes on the top cap. There is nothing unusual about this design. Although it is possible to adjust the airflow controller to one hole, you don’t have flexibility to adjust each hole individually. While this may be seen as a downside for some, it doesn’t have a significant impact on the overall quality or performance of the atty.


The Tugboat V2 has a high quality finish and solid constructions. It is a good RDA for both vapor and flavor. It also has a deep juice well and it comes with a matching drip tip. The downsides include the high price (it’s between $90 and $100 USD), considering that it is a standard device and that it is very simple. However, if the cost is not an issue, it is a good option for those who want a classic RDA vape.