Wismec RX200 vs RX200S

Wismec is an affiliate company of Joyetech (a leading Chinese manufacturer) and it offers the RX200 and RX200S TC box mods. The RX200 box mod is very popular and Wismec has taken things to the next level with the RX200S. Here we will tell you awhat are the main differences between them. Both kits come with one Wismec box mod, one micro USB cable and a user manual. They feature the new 2000 Chip set, reverse polarity insert and you can easily exchange and replace the batteries. Just keep in mind that the batteries are sold separately and they have to be matched in brands and model in every case. Here is how these two box mods compare to each other.

Getting Started

Both the RX200 and the RX200S are high power solutions with triple-18650 battery mods that feature Temperature Control for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless steel wire. They have three extra menu options for TC knon as M1, M2 and M3, which give you the chance to adjust the TCR values. The two devices look pretty much the same and they were created by American designer JayBo. The main difference in terms of looks is the screen cutout. The case design is comfortable and convenient, although it is large and slightly heavy.

At the beginning, Wismec used the same case and setup for their DNA 200 mode, which featured the high end TC chip from Evolv. However, soon after they released the RX200 model and then the RX200S, which replaced a more basic Joyetech chip for about one-third of the price of their DNA 200 mod. Although a few years ago, a mode of over 200 watts was seen as dangerous, today there are many options of this type available. However, it is unlikely that someone actually vapes at 200 watts or above. Still, thanks to the 18650 battery setup, you could do so if you really wanted to. Both models from Wismec can support this option.

The RX200 became very popular thanks to its high power, comfortable design, versatility and affordability. The problem is that due to short length of the interior threading on some RX200 510 connectors, some atomizers, including the SMOK TFV4, short-circuited when screwed down all the way on some RX200 units and their chips were permanently damaged. This flaw had a significant impact on the reputation of the product and the brand. The connector issue may not affect all customers, but still some people may not like the size and weight of the RX200 or the RX200S. While they are easy to hold, they are a bit on the heavy side.

What are the differences between the RX200 and the RX200S?

Let’s take a look at the individual features supported by these units.

The RX200 offers 300 degrees of maximum centigrade temperature in TC mode. The 0.3 mm x 1.8mm display screen. The power output is increased from the original 200W to 250W by a firmware upgrade to version 3.10. The case is available in four colors: Black, White, Black with Red and White with Cyan.

The RX200S has a display screen of 1.1 x 2.2 mm display screen, which is more than twice as large as the original. There is a 315 maximum centigrade temperature in TC mode. Only a single case color combination is available: Silver with Gray. The RX200S offers a power output of 200W, but this can be increased to 250W with a new firmware update.

Although the screen is smaller on the RX200 and it reads horizontally, many will prefer this than the larger and upright orientation of the RX200S. The display on the RX200 is easy to read thanks to the simple font used. The RX200S uses a more complex font that while stylish, is not as easy to to read. The menu navigation is also easier to read on the RX2000. The main advantage (maybe the only one) that the screen of the RX200S offers is that it has the option of a battery bar or percentage that allows you to see how much battery is left.

Both mods offer the same TC in Fahrenheit (200 to 600 F), while in Celsius the temperature control offer an addition 15 degrees upper limit. Although the connector is meant to have been upgraded, both versions look pretty much the same. In summary, the main difference between the RX200 and the RS200S is that the latter has a larger screen and it shows the exact percentage of remaining battery.


These two mods are very close in terms of performance. Both units will impress you when they work in straight wattage mode. The chip in these two versions offer basic options that allow you to customize the temp control, particularly with Wismec tweaking the TCR curves in firmware upgrades. There are advanced uses that demand highly precise temp control on all atomizer builds, but it is better to go for a mode that uses more advanced adjustments for the TCR curves offered on the Evolv DNA-200 or top-of-the-line Yihi chips. For demanding vapers, the Wismec DNA200 would be a better option, but in general, the temp control performance of the RX200 or the RX200S would be fine for most people.

One thing to note is that if you get the RX200 or the RX200S, you will probably need to get at least 6 high-drain 18650 batteries that are exclusively used for the mod and that are grouped in two trios. These trios should be kept together when swapping out and recharging and the position of each battery should be alternated in the bay. This makes the mod significantly more expensive, but it is the best option to reduce the risk of serious battery issues while using and particularly, when recharging the battery.


The Wismec RX200S and the RX200 are very similar, but the appearance of the new version will appeal to many users. As long as the 510 connector issues are resolved, both options would be good due to their high power and affordability.