Sense Herakles Tank Review

The Sense Herakles Sub-Ohm Tanks is an innovative option that can support high wattage vaping. In addition, it offers a variety of options that give you more airflow and it is designed to last. The Sense Herakles Sub-Ohm tank is an advanced solution that will suit users who want the latest technology. The device is designed to offer features that will impress you and it is capable of handling higher wattage than most tanks available nowadays. Many users who have opted for the Sense Herakles have reported great results and in their reviews, it is common to find comments stating that there are no dry hits issues related to this clearomizer. Let’s find out more about what this tank has to offer

Vaping the Sense Herakles Tank

Given the powerful performance and the high wattage reached, the Herakles Sub-Ohm tank uses up e-liquid faster than other mods. This means that you will have to make sure that you have enough e-juice available so that you can continue vaping. It is also advisable to keep an extra set of batteries handy to support the demanding power requirements of this tank. While the device offers powerful performance, it is important to keep in mind that the batteries will drain quicker than with other mods. This is not unexpected, since you are vaping at higher wattages, which makes the tank more demanding in terms of battery and e-juice.

Coil Design and Power

The coil has almost the same design as other sub-ohm tanks available and the BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) gas organic cotton. What makes the Herakles stand apart is the fact that the coil has a small cutout on the bottom that allows you to get more airflow, giving you a more enjoyable vaping experience. One of the best things about the design of this tank, is that it features a special airflow control that is included at the bottom of the tank. This airflow control in the sub ohm tank is a feature that is definitely worth checking.

It should also be noted that using the Herakles tank for the first time can be a bit confusing. Yo will see a special heat fin that offers a greater amount of extra airflow. This means that if you prefer a lot of airflow with your hits, the functionality of the Sense Herakles makes it the perfect choice for your needs. It is possible to adjust the airflow to make sure that it adapts to your specific requirements, no matter what is your vaping style.

There are many different airflow openings that make the tank a great option and you will see that there is a solid side of the ring, which allows you to ensure that you can close the airflow as required. The Herakles tank can offer amazing power and its unique e-liquid inlet design offers 6 different entry points for wicking, as well as 5 entry points on the head of the coil. If you are using the .6 ohm atomizer at 50w to 75w range, this feature will allow you to avoid dry hits. Safety is another advantage of the Herakles as its Delrin insulated feature will prevent the drip tip from overheating.

Flavor and the 510 Connection

In terms of flavor, the Herakles Tank offers a remarkable experience. You can also enjoy an incredible amount of vapor and the tank lets you see the amount of e-liquid, which is great since you will notice that the tank can hold much more than others. With the Herakles, you will be able to vape for a long time before you have to refill it. It is also worth mentioning that the Herakles tank uses a 510 connection. The connection pin is fully made out of copper, which allows for a more efficient connection. In addition, copper connections last longer than other connections and they quality of the connection offered is superior.

Design and durability

The Sense Herakles tank is clearly made to last and it comes with a solid glass tank that is very resistant. The tank is ahead from many competitors thanks to the fact that it offers unique features that won’t find anywhere else. It is also more durable and since the tank is made from stainless steel, you can expect to get out many years of use from it. Since it is solid and made to last, it is a convenient option for traveling. You can use it on the go and enjoy amazing vapor and intense flavor no mater where you are. The tank can hold up to 4.0 ml of e-liquid and it provides efficient wicking. It gives you a great amount of vapor, as well as rich, enjoyable flavor. When you buy the Herakles Tank, you receive, apart from the tank, one additional coil and one extra glass tank.

Safety Tips

One of the most important aspects that vapers need to keep in mind is safety. This is something that you need to consider, not only with the Sense Herakles, but with any other device. It is crucial to keep in mind that you should not attempt to modify the battery or charger. Avoid using tanks on a mechanical mod with a hybrid top cap. Misusing mods could have dangerous consequences. Be very careful with the batteries, particularly if you are using Li-ion and Li-Po batteries. The batteries need to be fully charged before you use them for the first time and you need to make sure that you only use batteries that are compatible and that allow you to vape while charging at the same time, if you want to do this. Make sure that you check your mod/tank carefully and if you notice any damage, don’t use the device.


Sense Herakles Tank is a practical device that strives to offer innovation and high quality performance. It offers features that will allow you to enjoy a great vaping experience. It delivers amazing flavor and vapor and its airflow control allows you to customize the settings to suit your preferences.