Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for a conduction vaporizer that offers a lot of power, the Pinacle Pro is an option that you can check. Although it offers some advantages, there are some aspects in which it can be improved. If you only purchase the device, the price is around $229. If you want the DLX model, which comes with the hydrotube water attachment, the price increases to $279. In spite of the higher price, it is advisable to go for the DLX model. The Pinacle Pro on its own is quite harsh and can irritate your throat, even if you use it in the lowest heat settings available. The battery life doesn’t last as much as other portable devices available. Although it is meant to last almost an hour, the reality is that you may notice inconsistent performance as the battery starts dying out after 2 or 3 sessions. Still, if you get the DLX model with Hydrotube, you can enjoy a powerful hit. This is thanks to the fact that the hydrotube filters the vapor and keeps the temps reduced. The bad thing is that the Hydrotube makes the unit less portable. We’ll find out more about the Pinacle Pro here.

Design and portability

The Pinacle Pro is a highly discreet and portable solution on its own. However, when you add the Hydrotube, the portability is affected and it becomes less practical to carry with you. It is difficult to imagine carrying the device with you when you are outdoors or practicing any sports since the Hydrotube seems vulnerable to damage. If you opt for this option, the best choice may be to keep using it at home. Without the Hydrotube, the Pinacle Pro looks very simple. The glass tube adds length and makes it less discreet.

There is a refillable “Bullet” chamber for herbs and it is one of the most convenient features of the Pinnacle Pro. It facilitates loading, unloading and cleaning as you just need to fill the bullet, allow some time for the Pinnacle to heat up to the temp that you want and then you can drop it into the bowl. Then you attach the mouthpiece and the hydrotube and then you can start vaping. Once you are done, you just need to wait a minute and be careful when removing the bullet to avoid burns when it slides out.

The accessories included are one mouthpiece, a wall charger, a stand to keep the Pinnacle Pro upright and the Hydrotube if you opt for the DLX model. There are some cleaning items included such as brush and a pick tool. There are also two 9mm bullet chambers, one for concentrates or oils and one for dry herbs. It is important to get the unit from a retailer that offers the latest modified mouthpiece with the glass insert, which can coll down the vapor a bit. It also prevents issues such as cracking and melting, which affected previous mouthpieces.


The Pinacle Pro works with a combination of conduction and convection heat, although it is mainly conduction. The vaporizer works with a ceramic element that uses five different heat levels that range between 370 and 470 degrees Fahrenheit. Every temp level is increased by 25 degrees. The unit heats up at around 90 seconds, which is less than the average for portable devices.


The unit works with an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can be used while it is being charged. The lights that indicate the temp level are also used to indicate the battery life. In general, the battery lasts for around half an hour and all the LEDs flash blue when the battery dies. There is a feature that automatically shuts off the Pinnacle after 8 minutes of use, in order to save battery life. If you are in the middle of a vaping session, you just need to switch it on again and select the temp again.


The Pinnacle is easy to clean and maintain, although the screen in the mouthpiece can get gunked up and you will need to clean it every 2 to 3 uses. When a session is completed, you just need to drop out the bullet chamber and blow out the herbs that are left in the bowl. If you want to clean the unit thoroughly, you will need to remove the glass insert, the screen and the mouthpiece. Still, it shouldn’t take too long to get the vaporizer clean.


When you get the Pinnacle Pro DLX, you get one year limited manufacturer warranty, which covers you in case of manufacturing, parts and labor flaws. If your device is broken during the warranty coverage, you may get it fixed or replaced. In addition, it is worth noting that the battery has a 90 day limited warranty.


The Pinnacle Pro DLX with Hydrotube provides a strong hit, but in areas like battery life, heat up time and portability, it disappoints. In addition, the hydrotube makes it difficult to carry on the go, in spite the fact that it is a portable vaporizer.