PUFFiT 2 Vaporizer Review

Discreet Vape brings us the PUFFiT 2, a portable vaporizer that resembles an medical inhaler, making it one of the most convenient and discrete vaporizers available. This model of PUFFiT offers significant improvements compared with the previous one. Although the amount of vapor is not the most impressive, it is a good option if you are more concerned about enjoying vaping without drawing attention towards you. The PUFFiT 2 heats up for one draw before turning off. If you want to take another draw, you just need to switch it on and allow some time for it to heat.

The device vibrates intermittently while it is heating up and it does a double short burst when it heats completely. Once it is ready, you can take a draw and put it back in your pocket. It is not designed for long sessions, but for taking a few quick draws instead, just like you would do with a medical inhaler. Although the PUFFiT 2 may not be the best option for every case, there are scenarios in which it can be very handy. It is easy to use and thanks to its lightweight, discreet design, it is perfect when you are on the go.


What makes the PUFFiT stand out from other portable vaporizers is its practical design. If you prefer a device that can be used discreetly and that you can carry with you anywhere you go. It looks just like a real medical inhaler so you can use it without other people even knowing that you are vaping. It is lightweight, easy to keep in your pocket and it fits comfortably in your hands. The PUFFiT is small and works well in many situations.


There are different heat settings available ranging from 320F to 415F, which is 170C to 220C. The first settings (Temperature 1) is 320F/ 170C, Temperature 2 is 350F/ 185C, Temperature 3 is 375F/195C. Finally, Temperature 4 is 415F, which is 220C. You can easily change the temp settings and find an option that suits your vaping style. If you are an experienced vaper, you probably should use temp 3 and temp 4.

The PUFFiT 2 chamber can hold herbs and oils and it is designed to let you take 1-2 draws and then you can put it away. This means that you can take 1-2 draws and then put the device back into your pocket safely. Vaping this way will allow you to get up to 7 full hits in a day. As previously mentioned, you won’t be able to use the PuFFiT for long sessions and it doesn’t produce a lot of vapor. It works well if you only want to take a few draws from time to time.

The PuFFiT relies a USB charging system and the battery is attached directly to the chamber/bowl. The battery is small and it is located at the top of the vaporizer. You can get between 3 and 4 full chamber before the battery dies, which is about 25-35 puffs and considering the small size of the battery, it is surprising that you can get this much. The charging time would depend on different factors but in general it is one hour or so.

When you get the PUFFiT 2, you get all the tools needed to clean it, as well as a little sleeve that can be placed around the outside if it gets too warm. It also includes a concentrate insert for waxes/solids. You also get a charging cable, but if you want to use the device for long periods, it is advisable to get ad additional battery module. Although they may be slightly expensive, they are a worthy investment if you like to camp. The advantage of USB charging and replaceable batteries like the ones featured on the PUFFiT is that you get different options. The device also comes with one year manufacturer warranty that covers defects in craftsmanship and materials. Just make sure that you get the PuFFiT from an authorized retailer.


The PUFFiT 2 offers great quality and it is available for less than $100, which is a great deal keeping in mind that it offers a convenient design and great performance. Although it looks like a medical inhaler, the PUFFiT is more than a quirky, fun vaporizer. It is also a discreet solution that delivers a good vaping experience. In order to ensure that you get covered by the warranty, make sure that you buy the device from an authorized retailer.