Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for a reliable, lightweight and practical vaporizer, the Pax 2 is one of the best options out there. Small in size, but powerful when it comes to battery life, the Pax 2 also offers four different settings to adjust the heat. The temp range goes 10 degrees lower and 10 degrees … Read more

FDA To Crack Down On Online E-Cigarette Sales

According to the Wall Street Journal, the FDA has cracked down its position on e-cigarette sales online. Retailers who violate the order prohibiting minors buying e-cigarettes will be fined up to $275 for every violation. Pursuant to this crack down, the FDA was responsible for sending several warning letters to over 24 websites and at … Read more

Most Vapers Think Smoke-Free Areas Are Okay To Vape

I know what you’re thinking, pretty bold a statement to make for an article title, right? Well, think again. Statistics have it that most vaping enthusiasts don’t regard smoking the device as harmful to themselves or to others and in any event, the majority are of the opinion that any smoke-free areas do not include … Read more

The Great Debate: Public Forum On E-Cigarettes

On Wednesday, September 28, over 100 individuals occupied a public forum that was held at Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness. The motion revolved around a proposed ban to add e-cigarettes and hookah into the 2008 Louisville ordinance which enacted smoke-free areas in indoor public areas as well as the workplace. It may … Read more

Minors Contest The FDA’s E-Cigarette Ban

The recent FDA regulations banning e-cigarette sales to minors has received several applause from health advocates however there are a group of individuals who are certainly not pleased: minors. Despite many vape shops already having internal rules on not allowing minors to purchase their products or any e-cigarette related products, minors were still able to … Read more

Pennsylvania: House Committee Votes Repeals 40% Tax

As witnessed as a desperate attempt to save several vaping shops from a total shutdown of operations, the Finance Committee of Pennsylvania voted to repeal the introduction of a 40% tax with the application of a 5 cents per ml of tax against every e-liquid. Without the vote to repeal, the original result would have … Read more

E-Cig Vapor Is Non Toxic – BAT Report Released

When you’ve been stuck inside the vaping world for a decent amount of time, you’ll hear the endless banter time and time again over how vapor is bad for your lungs, how your health is being damaged from all the vaping and in general, how e-cigarettes are pretty much ruining your life. Okay, so maybe … Read more

UFC’s Nate Diaz Warned For Vaping

When you’re just on the verge of thinking the world is a little bit more accepting of vaping, you hear this story: Nate Diaz receives a public warning from the USADA for pulling out a vape pen at the UFC 202 after the decision was made that he loss against opponent Conor McGregor. Sure, you’d … Read more