Can E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

With the dangers to your health from smoking well documented, more and more people are looking to give up the habit for the benefit of keeping a minimum quality of life and reducing the imminent risk of cancer. For decades, companies have been looking for new innovative ways to help people to give up smoking for good. From gum to patches and everything in between, there seems to be no end to the different methods to kick the habit. In this article, we take a look at electronic cigarettes and whether they are able to help long term smokers to finally give up the habit.

What is an E-Cigarette?

One of the newest products on the market, although not one actually marketed as a cessation product, is the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette is designed to mimic a standard cigarette, yet they do not contain any tobacco. Instead, an electronic cigarette only contains a capsule which provides a hit of nicotine containing vapor. This vapor looks like normal cigarette smoke; however, it does not contain any of the harmful substances that are usually found in cigarette smoke, all of which have been shown to be harmful to the smoker and those nearby. Learn more about ecigs here.

How can they help someone to stop smoking?

Although electronic cigarettes cannot currently be advertised as cessation devices in America, the public response has been overwhelming and very telling. E-cigarettes simply outperform patches, gums, inhalers and any other cessation techniques and products currently available. Millions and millions of people worldwide cannot be wrong. Many have made their claim to cessation by completely switching to e-cigs and plenty more also claim to have been able to reduce and control how much nicotine they intake with the help of e-cigs.

So what makes them so great? The secret is simply the similarity it has to smoking, all while being smokeless. The act of puffing vapor replaces many of the psychological roadblocks smokers face when trying to quit. It has the physical element of holding and puffing the fake cigarette that cannot be replaced in any other way and completely satisfies smokers where other cessation devices miserably fail. Additionally, the users get to use different nicotine concentrations to better control their habit.

With that said, there is a learning curve with e-cigarettes. They do not deliver the nicotine as quickly as smoking a cigarette and take some getting used to for first time users. The important part is not to give up and not to run out of refill cartridges, possibly pushing you back to the store to buy another pack. The only really effective way to quit smoking is to have the willpower to succeed. As e-cigarettes are not marketed as cessation devices at the moment, we can only advise you that they certainly make a much better and way cheaper option.