Steeping E-Juice Guide

Steeping can enhance the flavor of an e-liquid as it gives it more time to absorb the ingredients to deliver a richer taste. While it requires some patience, it is a process that is worth considering and here you will find out more about it. For many, steeping starts just as the batch of e-juice is mixed. The time that it takes for the e-juice to get to the store and sit on the shelf is when the steeping actually takes place, but you can improve further the taste of an e-liquid by extending the steeping process. Both PG and VG require some time to properly absorb all the flavor. This is specially true for VG, so in order to enhance the flavor of an e-liquid, you could give it some additional time. Steeping is very similar to cooking, so think about it as a process that can make a noticeable difference between a good flavor and a fantastic one.

How to steep e-liquid

Steeping is a term usually associated with food, more exactly, it is used to refer to soup and tea. The process requires a lot of patience, but those who wait to get every bit of flavor from their e-liquid can expect a great reward. You wouldn’t drink a cup of tea quickly, so why would you not allow some time for your e-juice to deliver all its flavor. Vaping experts such as Rip Trippers often refer to the process of steeping and identify different stages: steeping, breathing and a combination of the first two known as streathing.

The first stage of the process consists in storing your closed e-liquid bottles in a coll, dark place for one or two weeks. It is advisable to shake the bottles as often as you can to speed up the process. You can also help to move things faster by placing the bottles under warm tap water. The heat will prompt the molecules to move faster.

The second stage, known as breathing, takes place when you remove the cap and allow your e-liquid bottle to sit for a few hours (up to 12 hours maximum) to let the e-juice breathe. Keep an eye on the bottles because after a while, the flavor and nicotine content can start to diminish.

Finally, we move to the next stage, which is known as streathing. This last step was introduced by Rip Trippers in order to determine when the flavors get their highest point. To get started, shake the bottles and then place them under warm tap water. Remove the cap and place them in a cool, dark place for up to two hours, then place the cap back on and shake the bottles. You will need to squeeze the air out of the bottle to recycle the oxygen throughout the e-liquid. It is only possible to do this with a bottle that has a nipple, instead of the type of bottle that has a dropper. It is advisable to repeat this last part of the process a few times.

How long does the process take?

In general, the steeping process for fruity flavors takes less time. Tobacco flavors on the other hand require more time. Sweet, desert flavors are the ones that require the longest time. Although the general amount of time recommended for steeping is two weeks at least, this will depend on the flavor. Some require more time, but as previously mentioned, you can use heat to speed up the process. The main purpose of steeping is to get the most out of the e-juice’s flavor. Some people steep their e-liquids for a couple of weeks, but if preferred, you can take even longer. The important things is that you don’t go beyond the expiration date.


If you want to get the ultimate flavor experience, it is advisable to consider steeping your e-liquids. Since vaping has become so popular, it is likely that you get a fresh batch of e-liquid when you purchase a bottle, so if you want something stronger, you may want to consider steeping. It is also possible to get pre-steeped liquid or in some cases, you may get an e-liquid that has been sitting around for a while, which can also deliver a richer taste. Keep in mind that while steeping can take the flavor of your e-liquid to the next level, if the e-liquid is not good to start with, steeping is not going to make it any better.