Are you allergic to electronic cigarettes?

One of the concerns of some people who are starting to use electronic cigarettes is the possible allergic reactions that they might experience, or that they are already dealing with. While Propylene glycol (PG) and other e-liquid ingredients may cause allergies, it is important to check if vaping has actually anything to do with the symptoms you are noticing. When you quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes, you may experience some side effects while your body adapts to the transition.

You may experience headaches, coughing, nausea, skin eruption, mouth ulcers and more, but these side-effects normally disappear after a few weeks. The problem is that since the allergies that are related to vaping are very similar, it can be difficult to confirm what is the actual cause. What you can do is to stop using e-cigarettes for a few days to see if you notice any improvement. If the symptoms seem to go away, it is important to take a closer look at the e-liquid that you have been using. Check the ingredients, the manufacturer, etc. On the other hand, if the symptoms persist, it is likely that they are the side effects of smoking cessation.

It should be noted that even if you have been using e-cigarettes for a while, you may experience unusual reactions in the long run. It is possible to develop allergies to different things at some stage, meaning that even if you are an experienced e-cig user, it is still possible that you become allergic to certain e-liquid’s ingredients. In most cases, the problem is due to propylene glycol, an organic compound commonly used as the base for e-liquids. Its purpose is to keep the nicotine and flavor in suspension to ensure that your e-cig can deliver thick clouds of vapor.

Propylene glycol is used in a wide range of products, including some that we use everyday such as soaps, shampoos and makeup. In spite of being an ingredient of popular products, propylene glycol can cause irritation and lead to allergic reactions in some cases. Some people experience minor discomfort, headaches, sore throats or sinus problems. However, in serious cases, PG can cause itchy hives, numbness of the face and tongue. This is why some manufacturers have opted for using 100% vegetable glycerin to replace propylene glycol, while others have reduced the propylene glycol content of their e-liquids.

If even after choosing an e-liquid with a lower amount of PG, or not PG at all, you still experience the symptoms, it is possible that you are dealing with an allergy to artificial flavorings and chemicals in the e-liquid, or a nicotine overdose. This is a serious condition that causes nausea, headache, dizziness and more. Continuous use of e-liquids with a high content of nicotine can result in this condition and it is important to stop vaping or to use e-liquids without nicotine. You should also seek medical advice, if you don’t feel better. One thing to keep in mind is that most flavors use propylene glycol as a base and even some that claim to be 100% vegetable glycerin can contain at least some level or propylene glycol, which could cause reactions.

It is advisable to only buy e-liquids from reliable manufacturers to avoid the risk of added chemicals and substances that could lead to allergies. Vendors like Alien Vision, Halo, Totally Wicked E-Liquid or Goodejuice have a good reputation in the market and if you reach out to them, you can find out if their e-liquids are truly 100% vegetable glycerin. It is also important to note that while artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners have been approved for human consumption, its is not clear if they could cause irritation when inhaled.

The main thing is that you don’t let this discourage you to the point that you end up going back to traditional cigarettes. Some people may experience allergic reactions, but others may not have any issues at all. If you are dealing with some symptoms, don’t quit e-cigs altogether until you try a few things first. You can switch from PG to vegetable glycerin, change the e-liquid brand, or opt for a lower nicotine content. There may be a bit of trial and error, but by doing this, you may be able to find the option that is right for you.