Counterfeit Electronic Cigarettes on the Rise

For just about every popular product in the market, there is a “knockoff” or a fake copy somewhere. Recently, Liberty Flights Ltd. announced that fakes bearing their brand have appeared in the market. With this piece of news from the British e-cigs manufacturer, it is clear that not even e-cigarettes have been spared from counterfeiting. Now this isn’t news to me, or most long time vapers. But, recently news media has been covering the latest numbers reported, showing a rise in how many fakes are making it on the market. With that said, I can remember spotting fake Joyetech ecigs back in early 2011, so the practice has been common and and very widespread when comparing all the bigger personal vaporizer models.

In 2014, the sales of e-cigarettes had reached a total of $7 billion, and business experts predict that sales could rise at a yearly rate of 25 percent. But if stores become flooded with poorly made counterfeits, people could be discouraged from seeing electronic cigarettes as a viable substitute for traditional cigarettes.

With re-cigarettes, vapers are able to enjoy the pleasure of a nicotine fix without the tobacco burning and smoke that accompanies it. E-cigarettes load nicotine into a cartridge; the nicotine is then vaporized by an atomizer, making sure the smoker or vaper draws in nicotine-laced vapor.  The mechanism for this invention is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery cued in by a smart chip microprocessor; it is the signal from this chip that activates the atomizer. Fake e-cigs usually contain cheap batteries, matched with even worse atomizers and liquid which predictably fail to deliver the satisfaction needed to the user.

To add a layer of concern, the lack of oversight on quality and safety is alarming. The atomizer chambers may not be properly built with the right materials to avoid contamination. The e-liquid used is a total mystery when purchasing cartridges and bottles, potentially putting your health at risk.

Fakes can quickly discourage smokers from ever trying again. Besides the unknown dangers, most new, first time vapers have no conception of what a good vape is. They quickly go back to smoking when even after 20 minutes of vaping, they still lack getting good delivery from bad liquid and hardware. Cartridges and tanks made by counterfeit manufacturers are also known to leak, and anyone that has been vaping for a while knows how much it sucks to try and clean a nicotine concentrate liquid from any surface, especially your skin!

How to Avoid Purchasing Fake Ecigs

The easiest way to always purchase high quality electronic cigarettes, is to simply purchase them directly from the manufacturer. It also happens to be the cheapest way. You can always take advantage of monthly sales and extra discounts with re-usable ecig coupon codes found here.

Avoid purchasing from shady websites that don’t list their address and phone numbers. Buying locally helps, but doesn’t negate all risk. It remains good practice to stick to known merchants when possible. Even local vape shops are known to order bulk quantities of cheaper china made personal vaporizers and e-cigs. They’re not all bad, but if your seller is not honest, you might end up spending a lot of money on stuff you won’t even use.

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How to Distinguish Fakes from the Real McCoy

If you have just started vaping, you need to be aware of the presence of fakes, and you need to be able to tell a fake when you see one. Here are some of the signs you need to watch out for.

Fakes are poorly packaged. E-cigs generally come in a branded box and case that holds all the parts of the e-cigarette perfectly. Boxes that look cheap and compartments that don’t fit well are all telltale signs that the item came from a rogue trader.

These are a lot cheaper than the genuine article. Phony items cost less to produce because they are made of cheaper, substandard materials. They are also commonly manufactured in clandestine circumstances where regulations on safety, health, and quality control are not followed.

The kit does not include a manual or a warranty. Authentic manufacturers of e-cigarettes are careful to include instructions on the use of their product. Moreover, they are unafraid to provide a warranty. Do not part with your money unless you see both documents. If either is missing or haphazardly printed, walk away.

Playing it Safe

E-cigarettes are supposed to be the safer route to take when you want a nicotine hit. Your best bet for keeping safe would be to buy your e-cigs only from a dealer who has been recommended by people you know.

There is certainly good reason to stay away from imitations. These substandard copies have batteries that can overheat the liquid in the cartridge and cause it to blow up. Most of all, they can perform so poorly and give so little satisfaction vapers would be more than tempted to simply go back to smoking.