Are Clone Vaporizer Devices Worth Buying?

Vaping is such a sweet experience that many have successfully abandoned smoking in favor of personal vaporizers. It is not surprising that many want to try various new devices and products; this may entail spending huge bucks though. If you are making the transition from a newbie to an advanced vaper, you may not be able to afford the cost you have to foot for top of the line hardware. Many users look to pay less by purchasing “clones” or similar vaporizer replicas of popular brand name devices. These clones are manufactured in China, and although each one is slightly different, many offer very high operational quality at a lower cost.

High end products are well promoted, so you’ll see them often enough in e-cig sites. But it didn’t take long for knock-off clones to flood the market and online website outlets. With mechanical mods and thousands of custom fitting parts, the average newcomer quickly gets lost in all of it.

Mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are by far the most cloned pieces of hardware in the industry. They are, commensurately, also the most copied and re-manufactured under many young Chinese brand labels. Most users of these advanced devices make part of a very niche group of vapers that have more of a fun take on vaping and PVs. In fact, a gaming or sporting event called cloud chasing competitions, has largely grown in popularity in a very short span of time.

Clones are essentially China-made replicas of original devices originating mostly from US and UK manufacturers, offered at a lower price-point. Some of them come at a fraction of the cost, but is the quality the same. Well, that depends on the device itself. Truth be told, many of them are bad, possibly even unsafe, due to having no oversight over production. However, many have sold in high numbers and have even become favorites. Not all are bad, and some provide similar or on-par quality and performance.

While it is true that the original versions are sometimes expensive, the design, manufacturing, and safety regulations put in place, ensure that you get the best vaporizer possible. Not only that, but at least you have an onshore company to provide you a real warranty on any hardware failure that may occur. Purchasing a clone vaporizer provides little to no security on your investment.

Getting Ripped Off

There is another issue behind selling and buying clones. Vape shops can sometimes do shady business by selling clones as authentic, or simply at highly marked-up prices. Generally speaking, all vape shops order bulk china-made vaporizers and resell them at high markups, making them huge profits, but gouging your wallet in the process. If you’re going to invest in clones, might as well purchase them online, visit our personal vaporizers section to view both original and popular clone PVs.

It gets much worse when speaking about herbal vaporizers, as they do not operate exactly the same as e-liquid nicotine devices. They require very good components and high grade heating elements for performance. Many fake herbal vaporizers sold out there are sub-par, and if you had tried it before, you probably would have never bought it. A prime example is the Pax by Ploom vaporizer, it’s regarded as one of, if not the best portable herbal vape, but there’s about a dozen fake ones being manufactured and sold as originals, so watch out, make sure to buy from authorized dealers only!

Closer Look at Quality

Did you notice some manufacturing flaws on clones? The finish will sometimes leave something to desire, or a rough edge where you would have liked it smooth. Note, however, that these design details don’t really matter. What matters is the performance. If the clone performs just the same way and has the same feel and look (and in many cases they do), who cares about if the engravings are not perfectly aligned?

Some of their designs actually improve on the originals, by fixing certain quirks or imperfections on early models, but nowadays, they keep getting more advanced, and most even go overboard as far as power and wattage goes. It goes so much over the top,that a lot of people I meet, actually end up preferring a mid-range eGo or traditional e-cigarette instead. The vapor becomes too hot, and too thick to inhale without choking or irritating your throat. Just remember, more power and higher price, does not mean it’s the best quality or best performing device out there when your goal is not to try to make huge clouds.


In the end, if you’re still left undecided about clones, it comes down to a few simple questions; first is, do you have a problem with purchasing cheaper knockoffs, that someone else invested money into designing? If it’s an ethical question, it’s very respectable and purchasing originals is fine. The second is, how much are you willing to give up good customer service and strong warranties in case of device failure? If that doesn’t sit well with you, stick with trusted companies and manufacturers instead of buying from re-sellers. If these are not a concern, than you should have no regrets in purchasing a clone or two this year.