Black Note E-Liquid Review

Black Note E-liquids are recognized for the gorgeous design of the bottles and the real tobacco flavor that they offer. Black Note NET (naturally extracted tobacco) is a collection of tobacco flavored e-juices that provide a rich, authentic experience. There are 6 fine natural tobacco e-liquids available and the purity of the flavors is guaranteed thanks to the unique and sophisticated tobacco extraction process mastered by Black Note. The manufacturer uses naturally extracted tobacco from around the globe and the process to obtain the tobacco flavor doesn’t involve heat, which prevents bitterness. Through cold temperature Black Note can get the finest tobacco extract and while the process is complex and lengthy, the results are definitely worthy.

Focus on natural Tobacco flavors

Black Note only offers Tobacco flavors as their goal is to provide a tobacco flavor that is so authentic, that smokers will not hesitate to make the change from traditional cigarettes. The company aims to help people to quit smoking and it has focused on appealing to long-time tobacco fans. Unlike other manufacturers that offer a variety of sweet flavors, Black Note specializes on tobacco blends that will please ex-smokers. Black Note is committed to offering natural flavors only and none of the e-liquids contain chemical additives, artificial colors and dyes.

The extracts are obtained through a cold maceration process and unlike other e-liquids, Black Note’s blends don’t contain harmful ingredients like Acetoin, Diacetyl and Acrolein. An independent lab report showed that Black Note’s e-liquids are additive and chemical free. The test confirmed that Black Note e-liquids don’t contain Diacetyl or other dangerous substances that have been found in other e-liquids. In addition, Black Note e-liquids are less likely to cause gunk build up on the coils so you can expect a long lasting, more enjoyable vaping experience. You will notice that you coils last longer when you use the e-liquids created by Black Note.

Design and presentation

The first thing you will notice about Black Note is its beautiful branding and packaging that portrays the high quality and purity of its flavors. Black Note’s attention to detail extends to the leaflets that are included with the bottles. They offer a great deal of information that will help you to understand the effort and the passion that goes into creating these amazing flavors. The names of the flavors available are inspired by musical terms that describe the feeling that you can experience with each blend. There are options like Sonata, Forte, Quartet and Solo, providing a symphony of flavors as Black Note says. Another great thing about Black Note is that it seeks to reduce its impact on the environment, by encouraging recycling through a simple program. Customers can send back 5 empty bottles and receive a 30ml bottle of e-liquid for free.

E-liquids in detail

The PG/VG ratio of Black Note e-liquids is 50/50, offering a balance that will suit many vaping settings. Although the e-liquids are not the cheapest options available in the market, the high quality of the products justifies the price. You can get a bottle of 30ml e-liquid for $29, which includes free priority shipping in the US and you can also request a custom label. This would be a nice touch if you are buying the e-liquid as a present. If you don’t know which flavor you should go for, you can opt for the Classical Notebook package, which includes 10 ml bottles of four different flavors. It costs $39. Below, we will take a closer look at the selection of flavors that Black Note offers.

Solo – Ultra smooth Virginia tobacco with natural menthol oils

If you like menthol flavors, Solo would be the right choice for you. It is highly refreshing, without being overly intense You get a delicious mint flavor (obtained from genuine mint leaves) that is rich and crisp with a subtle hint of tobacco.

Legato – Italian Kentucky tobacco

Legato is a highly enjoyable American tobacco blend grown in Tuscany. It offers earthy and nutty taste and it is ideal for vapers who want a strong flavor. It would be suitable for heavy smokers or those who are used to cigarette brands that provide an intense flavor.

Prelude – Virginia Tobacco grown in the Italian Alps

This naturally sweet Virginia tobacco flavor is absolutely amazing. The flavor is made using real Virginia tobacco leaves grown in the Italian Alps. Even if you are not a big fan of tobacco flavors, you will love t=the sweetness and light taste of Prelude.

Sonata – Robust and Intense Cavendish

This robust Cavendish tobacco blend involves a curing process that has been used for centuries. To produce an intense, rich flavor, real Virginia tobacco leaves are precisely cut, fire-cured and steamed. Sonata is ideal for vapers who want to enjoy powerful flavor, with a touch of sweetness.

Quartet – Latakia tobacco blend with a peppery, smoky taste

This unique flavor is created with Syrian Latakia tobacco that is sun-cured and smoke-cured afterwards, using aromatic herbs. It delivers an exotic, woody flavor that is intense and very enjoyable. Quartet is a fantastic blend for those who want something different.

Forte – Rich and smooth Burley Tobacco

Forte is created using tobacco cultivated in volcanic soil in Italy. The tobacco is sun-ripened, shade-cooled to provide full-bodied, rich flavor. The taste is smooth and will please those who want a delicious tobacco flavor that is not too strong or bitter. It is rich and delicious, without being overpowering.


Black Note offers some of the best e-liquids that you can get and it is a fantastic choice for fans of tobacco blends. You can enjoy pure, rich, delicious flavor that is not tainted by artificial colors or harmful chemicals. All the e-liquids are produced using the highest standards of quality and applying techniques that ensure that you get the finest flavors. There is intensity and richness, without bitter or sour taste and the blends that offer sweet hints, deliver it in a subtle, natural way. The price of the e-liquids may be higher than what you pay for other brands, but it is an investment that is worth considering since Black Note produces high quality premium blends.