Cloud Chasing Basics

The goal of cloud chasing is to get the most impressive vapor clouds that can be created. It has a strong fanbase in the world of vaping, with many competitions being held around the world. Also known as stunt vaping, cloud chasing champions can earn free devices and cash in events that take place every year. Cloud chasers are passionate about enjoying the best possible vapor production experience. They can spend a lot of time rebuilding their atomizers to ensure that they deliver outstanding clouds. Although not everyone takes cloud chasing seriously in the vaping community, for many people this has become more than a hobby. Cloud chasing is not only about taking part in competitions and improving vaping gear to get better results. Many believe that this practice has helped to make more people familiar with vaping.

Cloud chasing can spark interest in vaping and can lead smokers to discover that there is a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, some vapers have a different opinion and they see cloud chasers as a problematic group. Cloud chasing detractors often feel that cloud chasers are driving the wrong kind of attention to vaping and that they are usually arrogant. The truth is that some people prefer subtle vaping, but that is that last thing that Cloud Chasers want. They can often be seen using devices that release massive clouds and that can be an issue if many people are doing the same. It would just create an environment that is too foggy and uncomfortable, which is why some argue that cloud chasing should not be practiced in public places.

The main aspects of cloud chasing

A large number of RDA’s and Sub-Ohm tanks have been released and new, more powerful devices appears on the market on a regular basis. This type of hardware facilitates cloud chasing, which means that manufacturers know that the popularity of this practice remains strong. Many vapers are attracted by the “DIY” element of cloud chasing and they buy gear to rebuild it, in order to create the largest clouds that could be ever imagined. There are a few things that cloud chasers need to keep in mind to get the most out of their equipment and enjoy a great experience.

First of all, safe batteries are essential so if you are thinking about giving cloud chasing a try, make sure that you opt for a reliable option such as the Sony VTC4. The atomizer plays a key role in cloud chasing. You need to make sure that you use an RDA like a Tugboat or Plume Veil if you want to compete against other cloud chasers. Choosing the right mod is also important as you need to power low-resistance coil-builds. In order to get thick clouds, you need to get e-liquid that offers a high VG content.

In terms of Airflow, it should be noted that too much of it can have a negative impact on the thickness of your clouds. Wicking is decisive when it comes to allowing liquid and air to the coils. Another factor that has an impact on vapor production is build. In order to get big clouds, the resistance should be low. Many cloud chasers have stopped using drip tips, which can also help to improve your results. You can also try to use builds that use 24g wire, or try a twisted or parallel build. This will reduce the resistance since the two wires work together like a big fat wire. Last but not least, your inhale/exhale technique and your lung capacity will also determine how good you can be as a cloud chaser. You will need to practice and find what works better for you.

Risks of cloud chasing

It is important to keep in mind that if you don’t know what you are doing, cloud chasing can be very dangerous. You need to take the necessary precautions to avoid any issues so before attempting cloud chasing, make sure that you understand what is involved. You need to know about Ohm’s Law and battery safety and other aspects. Do your research before trying cloud chasing. Take your time and read about the subject so that you can enjoy safe vaping. In addition, you need to work on setting up the right build that is going to take your vaping to the next level. In general, it is advisable that only advanced vapers try cloud chasing since it requires knowledge and skills to get an optimal experience.

For those who are getting started in the world of cloud chasing, it is advisable to use regulated device with builds that are .3 or above. Once you have more experience, you can use unregulated mods with builds that are below .1 Ohm. Just remember that it is very important that you know what you are doing. Otherwise, it is better that you don’t attempt advanced vaping options. Some cloud chasers are even trying builds as low as .09 and even less, but this is something that should only be considered once you have the expertise required to keep things safe.


Cloud chasing can be a good option for those who want to take their vapor production to the next level and add fun to their vaping. However, since it is an advanced form of Sub-Ohm vaping and it can be dangerous if not done properly, it is important that you only give it a try if you feel confident about your knowledge. Take all the necessary measures to ensure a safe experience and research in depth before even trying to build on your own setup.