Three Easy Steps to Refill Your Juul Pod

The hottest vaping pod system all over the world is the Juul. The Juul comes in sleek and non-cylindrical design form which makes it very appealing to numerous vapers all over the world. For vapers who have busy lifestyles, the pod system is perfect as it is easy to use and it does not slow anyone down to fill a tank. However, what about if you want refill your Juul pod instead of buying a new one? Yes, fortunately and lucky for you, this is possible to do. If you wish to want to know more on how to do this, all you have to do is continue reading this article and we will tell you how in three easy steps.

How to Refill Your Juul Pod?

Juul pod is usually designed to be replaced after using it. Though this is the case and many would wonder why would you want to refill a Juul pod when you could just buy a new one, here is why we think you should refill your Juul Pod instead.

For one, buying new pods every time you want and need one could get very expensive especially that Juul pods are not that really cheap. Another reason is that, using Juul pods limits you to their flavors and we are sure many vapers would agree with us when we say that one of the joys of vaping is having the access and having many choices and having many varieties of flavors.

As mentioned above, fortunately, refilling Juul pods does not require a lot of time, money or even skill. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

1. Disassembly

The word disassembly might bring some to thinking that this first step is a very difficult task. But do not fret as we will guide you step by step on how to do this. The first step is you will have to remove the cartridge from the device. Once you have done this, dump the remaining juice from the cartridge and clean it. This way you will not have a ghost of flavors mixing with other flavors or your new ones.

Next, pull the black plastic top of your Juul pod. This part is sturdy, however, we would still suggest caution as it is not unbreakable. For first timers, you will have to expect that there might be a bit of resistance. You could use a flat head screwdriver to help you pry the side of the black piece up over the pin that holds it. Repeat this step on the other side until the cap is off.

Once you are done, you will see a little rubber piece inside the pod. Remove or take it out. Take note which side is up. Set it aside and ensure you won’t lose the rubber.

2. Fill it up

Now that your Juul pod is open, we will get to the good part. The first step in this process is to fill the pod of the e-juice of your choice. To make this easier. We highly suggest that you purchase an e-liquid with a needle cap. This way, you will not spill more juice outside rather than filling your little pod.

Take notice of a line that is near the top of your pod. Do not fill pass this level as the rubber that you put aside will have to be put back in and if you fill it pass it, for sure, your juice will overflow.

Once you have carefully injected your preferred flavored juice, prepare for the re-assembling process.

3. Putting it back together

Just like everything you disassemble, you will need to reassemble and to do this is easy! Do the reverse of the disassemble process above. Do not worry, we will not leave you to it just yet! To put your Juul pod back together, all you have to do is the following:

Put back the rubber piece that you have put aside in. Be sure to put it back right side up. Take note, do not force it in as you will want to be able to pull it back out for your next refill.

Next, reattach the black piece over the little prongs. Wait for a few minutes for the juice to soak in. Once that is done, last but not the least, enjoy and start vaping.


Now that you have learned how to refill your Juul pod, you now could be able to save time, money and have a wide range variety of flavors you could use on your pod.