BBC’s Trust Me, I’m A Doctor – Michael Mosley Asks: Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Late last year, a great clip of BBC’s Trust Me. I’m A Doctor touched upon the subject of electronic cigarettes, and the comparison between tobacco smoking and vapor. The host, medical journalist Michael Mosley, starts by sort admitting having his own prejudices and preconceptions on e-cigs, but how great his job was at challenging those ideas with facts. The episode touches base on all the important facets to give a greater, broader understanding on vaping vs. smoking. Both outlining the good and the bad, extensive testing was done to demonstrate many different levels of chemicals and residue from smoking compared to vaping. At the end of the clip, Mosley states; “considering cigarettes kill half the people who use them, if I was a cigarette smoker, I’d certainly give e-cigarettes a go.”