Safety Tips for Vaping and Nicotine Consumption

We recently reviewed some of the myths and misconceptions around “nicotine overdose” risks when vaping. The thought alone is enough to enough to scare anyone, but when you calculate the needed amount of inhaled vapor to even get close is ridiculously and impossibly high. With that said, we urge everyone to vape responsibly. Just because overdosing to death while vaping is a far fetched claim, it does not mean that you cannot overdo it. It certainly is possible to take too much nicotine for your own good. Never forget that it is a drug after all and your body becomes dependent and sick without it.

This is rarely something users concern themselves with. Most people know exactly when they have taken enough of too much.  Just like smoking, you should not chain vape and intake more nicotine than your body can handle. Nicotine is toxic and will make you sick if abused. For those whom have used patches while trying to quit smoking, and ever indulged in having one with the patch on, are most likely to be familiar with symptoms of nicotine over dosages. A rush is felt as your blood pressure rises and your heartbeat increases rapidly, feeling lightheaded, nausea or vomiting. Even smokers often get a these symptoms when smoking too many cigarettes.

The same symptoms can and will appear for anyone abusing of e-cigarettes by constantly vaping over an extended period of time. So how concerned should users be? Well, not much in most cases. Most users allow their bodies to tell them how they feel. Feeling a confusing dizziness, stomach or abdominal pains, nausea, increased heartbeat all the way to vomiting are sure signs you took too much nicotine. There is no need to panic as a little bit of rest cures away the ailments. However, it does mean you might need to control your habit better.

Nicotine strength and the way the nicotine is delivered with e-cigs vs. traditional tobacco smoking differs the two delivery systems greatly. The first thing to know, is that nicotine delivery is much slower with e-cigs and vaporizers when compared to a cigarette. Smoking will deliver high levels of nicotine almost instantaneously, while vaping can take upwards of 20 minutes or more to reach the same levels. This means your body needs a period of adjustment when you first make the steps to switch to e-cigs. You need to ease into it and allow yourself to get used to the slower delivery, while not over vaping due to not having as much nicotine enter your bloodstream as quickly as smoking.

Additionally, new users have to grow accustomed to different nicotine strengths. We have gone over some basic guidelines to help you choose your nicotine strength but there are no set rules that match perfectly for everyone. Because each of us have our own unique metabolism, it takes some trial and error to pick the right nicotine concentration and also how to gradually change it when the time comes. I usually suggest to start with a mix of strong and weak strengths to get accustomed to each and try to find a balance from there. All brands offer nicotine-free cartridges as well, allowing you to enjoy a vape without increasing your intake. As mentioned, it takes a little bit of time to get used to everything and find the right strengths, flavors and usage.

In the end, a little bit of knowledge and understanding is all that is needed to make your experience a positive one. As we discussed, the main idea is not to overdo it. When vaping take a few puffs each time and give the time for the nicotine to enter your bloodstream. Grow accustomed to how the delivery satisfies and affects your mood. In no time, you will find the right balance and it will be automatic for you to know when you need a puff or not. Happy vaping, be safe and remember that the real danger lies in leaving e-liquid or nicotine concentrated products in reach of children or pets. Nicotine is a drug after all and should also be treated with the upmost care.