Don’t Break Your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Smoking

New Year’s resolutions, many of us make them, but most of us give up before we even start. If there’s one good thing that New Year ushers, it’s fresh hope. For people who have been smoking for years, almost always, quitting makes it to their list each year even when 16 out of 17 resolutions to quit smoking fail.

This coming year, most smokers will make the same “I quit” resolution, and as sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, most contenders don’t last long before going back to old habits. If you want to change that scenario, there is a strategy that can make the difference this coming 2015: electronic cigarettes.

The 2015 Difference

Start by thinking positive; you can be successful more than ever, and the statistics are there to prove it. Do you know that despite the grim outlook for smokers, success rates have been on a steady and high raise? According to CDC, in the US, there are more ex-smokers now than current smokers That’s encouraging! Are e-cigs playing a vital role or key difference?

While there are many smoke cessation devices and options available, and even though e-cigs are still not allowed to be marketed as such, there is evidence that e-cigarettes have a much better success rate at keeping users completely off cigarettes. With them, you can avoid cold turkey techniques and ease through the withdrawal stages, the worst enemy of quitting. Users can shift to lower nicotine strengths as they progressively adjust to having less nicotine in their system, while increasingly replacing cigarette breaks with vaping breaks. The key is in finding the right balance for your own self, and stick with the program.

The time it takes one individual to another, to completely switch to e-cigs will often greatly vary. It takes time for your body to re-adjust to the “slow nicotine delivery” from vaping. Tobacco smoking delivers almost instantaneous pleasure, so don’t give up, it takes time!

Combining Strategies

Quitting is never easy; smokers need all the help they can get. Discovering an effective cessation device and picking one that works, constitutes the first effective step. To get through the year and beyond, however, you need other strategies.

  • Plan ahead and change routines. “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” so people say. It is important to clear your environment from tobacco products and smokers. Leaving cigarettes around the house and work, and letting people smoke around are temptations that can make quitting harder. Changing routines can help you avoid smoking. If smoking is something you do when stressed or after eating a heavy meal, find a way to change those too. Incorporating diet change and exercise in your lifestyle can tremendously help.
  • Get family and friends to support you. When quitting, people around you should be considerate and supportive. Often, failure is linked to having inconsiderate people around. It is good if you can motivate other smokers to join your effort or you can try joining groups of quitters in a local organization, health center or hospital.
  • Find a doctor to guide you. While you can do it on your own, it is best to get a health care professional to guide you through the quitting process particularly when you have a medical condition. The doctor can offer you nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) options and discuss with you the pros and cons of each. You may also join “quit counseling” if there are sponsored meetings in your area.

Regardless of the method of quitting or NRT you use, the most important thing is to commit to your New Year’s resolution to quit, to create a plan, and to stay resolutely determined to stick with it. No, quitting is never easy. You will be faced with so many challenges and temptations. You have most likely failed again, and again. Making multiple attempts is common, but do not let yourself be deterred by failure, any millionaire will tell you that failure is a sign that you’re doing the right thing, because without it, it means you’re not even trying.

As 2015 draws near, be inspired by the fresh hope it brings: this year might just be different because you have technology on your side. Good luck and good riddance!