What is a Clapton Coil?

Those who vape sub-ohm tanks may have come across coil heads that are sold as Clapton coils. There are also Clapton coils pre-wrapped that can be used with RDAs or RTAs. Clapton coils have become very popular, which is why we will take a closer look at them in this article. A Clapton coil is a vape wire that has a core of wire that is wrapped tightly by a thinner gauge wire. A user of E-Cigarette Forum ECF known as mrdee3 created the first Clapton coil, which was a 24-gauge core with a 32-gauge outer wrap. The user based the coil on a guitar string, which has a lot of surface area. The wire was created by turning a strand of 24-gauge kanthal in a drill and winding 32-gauge kanthal wire around it. Currently, it is possible to find many Clapton coils including the Framed Staple Clapton, the Alien Clapton and the Staggered Fused Clapton. There are some truly beautiful coils that are shared by users in Instagram.

The Clapton coils have become very popular for different reasons. For instance, they can offer richer flavor and more vapor production. They also last longer and in terms of design, they offer something unique and stylish. Thanks to the large increase in surface area, they offer more cloud production. Since the surface area is larger, there is more wire exposed to juice, allowing it to heat more juice simultaneously, giving you more vapor production. In part, this is the reason who a Clapton coil offers more flavor. You can enjoy more intense, richer and varied flavor in the e-juice.

Whenever you change flavors, it is a good idea to adjust different notes of your juice to get more flavor out of it. In a Clapton coil, the core heats up faster than the outer wire, which allows you to taste flavors that are delivered at higher power levels at the same time you enjoy flavors that are obtained at lower power levels. In addition, Clapton coils act as wick and store juice inside their cavities. In the case of the Alien Clapton, created by Instagram blueeyedgoon89, you can enjoy unique wicking properties that distribute the juice throughout the wire when it is wet.

Making your own Clapton wire

You can easily make Clapton wire harnessing the core wire (s) to a fishing swivel that is mounted to the end of a table. When the other end of the wire is clamped down tightly in a drill, you can spin the drill with one hand as you wind the outer wire on with your other hand. You need to practice a little bit, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t have any issues. The best option is to start slow and then increase the speed little by little as you feel more confident with the process. It is advisable to hold the outer wire by the spool and wind directly off of that, in order to save wire and get a tidier result.

There is some finesse needed with the hand that winds the outer wire on. When you don’t hold the spool tight enough, the wire may not lay even, which can cause uneven spaces in the wraps. When you hold too tightly, the wire may snap. If the drill is spinning, it is important to pay attention to the moment when the outer wire meets the core and focus on keeping a 90 degree angle between the two of them. Once you create Fused Clapton wire, the wire may get a little twisted. Just use some nylon tipped pliers, go end-to-end and untwist the wire.

You can find many different types of pre-made Clapton coils and wire. In most case, the you can expect higher temperatures from bigger coils and they will also offer lower resistance. If you want a single core Clapton, you can use a core wire that is teh same size of the bare wire used for the atomizer, although it may be smaller. For Fused Claptons, keep in mind that there are many cores that reduce the resistance substantially on the same way as a parallel coil. There is a wide selection of Clapton coils that you can try.