Electronic Cigarettes, A Better Option To Smoking

It is important to be educated on all the facts surrounding E-cigs. This is the best way to make an accurate determination on if E-cigs are ideal for you or not. It is important to know that E-cigs are not a cure for smoking and are simply an alternative that is popularly believed to be less harmful. Using E-cigs will not automatically make you quit smoking, but they can help over time. The FDA has not officially labeled E-cigs as smoking sensation devices, but they have been proven to reduce the act of smoking in some capacity over time.

Addiction and Cigarettes

It is common knowledge that smoking is probably one of the most addictive habits that exists. The addiction of cigarette use is only urged on by the addition of 601 cigarette additives that combine to make cigarettes even more addictive to smokers. The fact remains that many smokers do not want to put their health at risk, but they can’t get over their addiction to nicotine. This leaves the question, where do E-cigs fit in?

Are E-Cigs Safe?

When it comes to quitting smoking, people need everything that they can get their hands on to help. E-cigs are not as safe as quitting smoking completely, but they are most likely a better option. The fact is that only 7% of smokers looking to quit this year will actually succeed. Quitting smoking is ideal, but it is not realistic for everyone. E-cigs do contain a tiny fraction of the pollutants and chemicals found in burning tobacco smoke making them a great alternative for smokers that can’t quit. The safety of E-cigs can’t be fully evaluated, because there is not enough data that exists. E-cigs can still contain some unwanted metal particles if using a poor quality device or e-liquid. It is very important that you would do some research and purchase from known respected electronic cig brands.

Takes Some Getting Used To

E-cigs are not exactly like smoking cigarettes and they do take some time to get used to. There are many different flavor options that you can choose from to make your vapor experience more enjoyable. You should choose E-cigs as an alternative to smoking, but be aware that it is not a cure. E-cigs contain a lot less harmful chemicals but you will still want nicotine content to be able to make the switch. You will feel better after a short amount of time, and quickly realize the negative effects of inhaling smoke into your lungs many times a day.