New Dutch E-Cigarette Designs Improve Old Technology by Leaps

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Looking for vaping and e-cigarette products that offer a more enjoyable experience and less of the challenges that have plagued users in the past? New announcements from the United Tobacco Vapor Group — makers of Premium Vapes and Flavor Vapes — show a new e-cig technology can help (here’s the press release talking about the arrival of new products and the emergence of new technologies in the e-cigarette industry.)

This new e-cigarette design changes some of the structures of these products, such as re-engineering the wicks and coils, to try to get around potential health and safety problems that are depressing sales of these types of products as they continue to emerge in their markets.

The Overheating Problem

Overheating has been a common problem with some types of e-cigarette products. Some of these issues can be related to the wicks and ignition systems of an e-cigarette device. Also, some of these problems are related to the specific types of vaping materials or juices that are used. Sometimes, users get a kind of “harsh hit” from a particular juice, and it’s hard to tell whether or not the problem is with the vaping products, or the e-cigarette device itself. Many e-cigarette devices are made to shut down before they overheat, but electrical shorts or other problems can cause the product to get hot. Some companies warn users to check coils, battery connections and other areas of the device and to clean the e-cigarette device out periodically. In looking for the best solutions, buyers can get sophisticated products that deal with these design issues well.

Dry Hits

Another potential problem with e-cigarette devices is when users essentially seem to be “drawing blanks.” This can sometimes result in a burnt taste or other unpleasant experience. Experts recommend keeping e-cig equipment wet as specified in manuals to avoid getting these dry hits, which some have described as a ‘burnt metal’ taste – in any case, these new designs will likely have built-in technology to prevent the dry hit and other inconveniences that users had with past models.

Dealing with Formaldehyde

New e-cigarette products will also solve the “formaldehyde problem” where high-voltage or high temperatures can release these types of compounds from some products. Some scientists have found a certain voltage above which some types of formaldehyde can be released from e-cig products. However, the new designs are preventing these types of exposure by more adequately controlling the heat process, again, by redesigns of items like the coil and wick, as well as other re-engineering.

The recent announcement of next-generation e-cigarette designs is good news, because it helps to close the doors on some of the troubling questions that have surrounded these products and held back regulatory approval. With any new product, there are going to be some issues, but the bottom line is that the use of e-cigarette products has been an effective way for millions of people to cut back and eliminate use of conventional tobacco products that are known to cause lung cancer and other conditions. That’s why people are working so hard on e-cigarette and vaping products, and trying to get regulatory approval and stabilize the markets for these products. It’s because they contribute to an overall renovation of our health care system, one that would save thousands of lives and lower total healthcare costs significantly in the future. Check out more about what’s coming with revolutionary new e-cigarette devices that will give you more choices, more flavors and more different ways of enjoying a smoking experience in ways that are healthier and involve less risk.