What is a Cartomizer?

It may take some time for new e-cigarette users to get used to the terminology used in the vaping industry. When you switch to electronic cigarettes, words like atomizer and cartomizer will become part of your daily life. To help you understand better how an e-cig works, we’ll focus on one of the most important pieces of these devices: the cartomizer. We will explain the function of the cartomizer, which is a combination of the atomizer and the cartridge.

Origins of the cartomizer

The first models of electronic cigarettes had three parts: the battery, the atomizer and a cartridge containing the-liquid. The battery was powered by the drag-activated switch, which then heated the atomizer and transformed the e-liquid into vapor. While the concept was basic, it worked. However, there were some issues in terms of design as many users struggled with the three different parts of the e-cig. There were even complains about leaks while using of refilling the cartridges. Over time, e-cigarettes evolved and manufacturers found a way to improve the experience for users.

To make e-cigarettes easier to use, the atomizer and the cartridge were combined to create a single component. Thanks to this change, the unit became able to hold a higher amount of e-liquid, attaching it to the battery became easier and the leaking problems were almost completely resolved. The cartomizer brings together the cartridge and the atomizer and its introduction made vaping simple.

While there are still models that offer three pieces and some users prefer the atomizers, the cartomizer was a significant improvement in the design of e-cigarettes since it has made them easier to use. This has contributed to their growing popularity because it eliminates the hassle of dripping e-liquid into the cartridge and putting together the unit when you want to vape. Now you can get pre-filled cartomizers, attach them to the battery quickly and you are ready to enjoy your e-cig! This user-friendly solution has helped new e-cigarette users to make the change from tobacco, since they realize that e-cigs can be very convenient and they don’t need to spend additional time and effort preparing the device for use.

What is exactly a cartomizer?

The cartomizer is usually made out of metal or plastic and it contains a single or dual coil atomizer wrapped in a large roll of polyfill material designed to absorb the e-liquid. Old cartridges were only capable of holding a few drops of e-liquid, meaning that users had to refill them very often. Cartomizers on the other hand, can hold a lot of e-juice and there are different sizes available. The bottom end of the piece features a metal threading that connects directly to the e-cig battery.

The top part has a rubber or plastic cap with a small hole in the middle, through which the vapor is dragged out. While cartomizers are generally meant to be disposable and you would need to replace them once they are empty, many users have found ways to refill them and continue use them for longer. Some may prefer the fact that the cartridges can be thrown away once the e-liquid is over, as it can be more practical than trying to refill the cartridge.


Cartomizers are very convenient and they make things significantly easier for new e-cigarette users. Additionally, they are available for reasonable prices and allow you to try a wide variety of flavors. Even if you don’t refill them and dispose of them after the e-juice is over in the long run, vaping still comes cheaper than smoking. You can even switch between flavors easily and whenever you want, since you don’t have to spend time filling a cartridge. Cartomizers revolutionized the e-cig industry and they attracted more people, allowing them to discover the benefits of e-cigarettes.