FDA Regulations Loom Over The Electronic Cigarette

When it comes to E-cigs, government and FDA regulation is unavoidable. E-cigs are electronic devices that are used to ingest a substance. This means that the issue of E-cig safety is in question and the FDA will look to hand down regulations that calm worries. E-cig safety is at the core of the FDA regulations that will soon be coming down the stream. However, many proponents of the E-cig industry feel that FDA regulations will actually be good for the E-cig industry as a whole.

Not If, But How Strict

There is no question that FDA regulations are coming shortly. The only question that remains involves the scope of the regulations and how strictly they will be enforced. It remains to be seen whether the government is looking to help the E-cig industry flourish or make it falter. The scope and severity of the FDA regulations will most likely do one of those two things.

Top E-cig Companies Had Foresight

Many of the most prominent companies in the E-cig industry were always aware that FDA regulations would come down eventually. This is why most prominent E-cig companies took major moves toward making safety and health a priority. The best case scenario regarding FDA regulations for the most known brands is simply transparency and normalcy. Regulations that encourage real facts and help to encourage education of the vape industry will only be beneficial. These types of FDA regulations would not only be ideal for the largest E-cig brands, but also be great for consumers too. Raising levels of acceptability will be good for everyone involved.

E-cig Ban

Although hope remains that the new FDA regulations for E-cigs will be helpful, there is some hesitancy. The recent government influence over E-cigs has not been positive. Both New York and Chicago have instituted E-cig bans that ban the use of E-cigs wherever smoking bans are already in place. Regulations that combine tobacco bans with E-cig bans suggest that the two are the same. However, the facts suggest otherwise and that E-cigs are a healthy alternative to tobacco. These government policies are pretty scary for the most prominent E-cig companies.

Hopefully the FDA regulations that are on the horizon do not link E-cigs with tobacco. People use E-cigs as an alternative to tobacco for a good reason, because they are not the same. The new FDA regulations should make this more apparent.