Buying E-Cigs At Gas Stations and Retail Stores

Now that e-cigarettes are available just about anywhere, more and more disappointed first timers are surfacing the blogs and review sites describing the bad taste their purchases left in their mouths. Buying e-cigs at gas stations or convenience stores and bars to us is just not worth it. It costs too much to be a valued purchase and many brands just don’t cut it in terms of satisfaction.

The marketing efforts really catch a buyer’s eye, with flashy packaging and flavors to entice the purchase, but the good quality package rarely reflects. There are now hundreds maybe thousands of replica brands or re-branded and re-packaged cheap e-cigs originating from China. They get outsourced for a fraction of the price, and many business owners cannot tell the difference between a fake or real branded e-cigarette.

Just the sheer growth of popularity of e-cigarettes alone was enough for many scammers to try and make a quick buck in this market by exporting cheap product. But with all of this comes great risk. While possibly most of the time your product might have been made from safe ingredients, nothing is to say those factories have high standards of batch testing and purity. Contaminated e-liquids are very common amongst cheaper unknown brands. They are also often found to be the same replicas from a handful of different models, filled with various different e-liquid brands.

To be honest, it’s a mess and can be a health hazard, but even if you take the safety issue away and assume that these companies are as trustworthy as the top electronic cigarette brands right now, the quality just does not compare. Thousands of people buy these and very little return, those of whom actually do, only do so out of convenience or laziness to check out what they can actually get out there and settling for an average to bad vaping experience.

I wrote this article, because not only myself, but almost all of the reviewers here at have had this bad experience. I myself spent hundreds of dollars trying all these different brands and flavors but I was never able to completely switch from smoking to vaping. All until a good friend of mine introduced me to his V2 Cigs e-cigarette. I never looked back, and all my purchases since then have been made online.

Why Buy Online Instead Of A Store?

There’s a couple of reasons. One, is to ensure that you get a genuine product, there simply is no safer way than to buy your e-cigarettes and e-liquids directly from the manufacturer. It also ensures you never inhaled untested and potentially dangerous chemicals. The second biggest reason is price, it will always cost less to buy directly from the e-cig companies. They encourage you to do so by offering coupons and monthly promotions, you can even signup and enter monthly contests to win free starter kits!

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