Don’t Buy E-Cigs or Starter Kits on Amazon or eBay

When we first started purchasing first generation electronic smokeless cigs, purchasing them on eBay or even was pretty common and we would find most of the popular brands of the time. However, across the span of the last 7 or 8 years, the market not only grew at an explosively fast rate, but the e-cig makers had to revise their online marketing policies after shady market affiliates discovered and began exploiting ways to scam more money from e-cig sales on eBay and Amazon, often also scamming the buyers .

Nowadays e-cig makers disallow affiliates to market their products on both sites and at one point, Amazon completely removed all e-cigs from their market place for an extended period of time, possibly also influenced by all the bad press surrounding vaporizers at their early stages. Nowadays, you cannot find top quality e-cig brands on eBay or Amazon. Many eBay marketplaces are completely blocked due to international laws, leaving you with little choice but cheaper re-branded or no name China made e-cigarettes, eGos and hand held vaporizers. Often second-hand equipment that would be best bought brand new.

As far as e-liquid goes, if you are not buying from local manufacturers, you may be asking for trouble. We have compiled a safe list of companies using the best quality ingredients available in the U.S. and following the highest standards of safety. Buying offshore can present dangers of very little production, health and safety oversight, and we highly advise against it. Same for disposable cartridges or disposable e-cigs, we would not consider anything from an unknown overseas brand that has not been peer-reviewed or presented itself to the market with upmost transparency first.

The Good News – No Need For eBay or Amazon

Don’t worry about the lack of choice or quality found on those sites. The large markets presented by eBay and don’t even often translate into having the best possible price. You see, when e-cig manufacturers sell directly to the customer from their own website, they don’t have to pay large commission fees to anyone, which means you can get some really great e-cigarette products, without spending a fortune. In fact, if they we’re sold on eBay and Amazon, you would likely have to pay more for them. So where do you buy e-cigs?

The answer is simple, first have a look at the top rated e-cig reviews chart, for all the best electronic cigarettes available on the market this year. After quickly familiarizing yourself with some, you might quickly find the brand that best fits you based on the product or flavors. We constantly update the site with the latest brands that have something great to offer and also present a coupon section so you can always get extra discounts on your e-cig purchases. For extra perks, sign-up to our mailing list and automatically enter our upcoming sweepstakes for free starter kit giveaways from our top scoring brands.