The E-cig Workday – Vaping In The Office

There are many sensitive topics that can arise when you are working in close quarters with other individuals. In today’s health conscious world, many companies have bans against the use of tobacco products on company premises. However, E-cigs are not considered to be a tobacco product, which can make the use of E-cigs at the office a touchy subject.

Lack of E-cig Knowledge

Most non-smokers do not have a lot of factual knowledge when it comes to E-cigs. This means that they often compare E-cigs to other tobacco products and categorize them in the same way. This uneducated thinking makes many non-smokers hesitant to see anyone using an E-cig inside the office. The vision of you inhaling something that looks like smoke can start a huge issues with your non-smoker coworkers. It is best to try and avoid making a scene at all costs. However, being discrete does not mean that you can’t enjoy your E-cig at the office.

Be Thoughtful

The one thing that you should always remember about E-cigs in the workplace is that thoughtfulness counts. It can be a great idea to tell many of your coworkers about your new transition from tobacco to E-cigs. This simple act of informing them will help to make them more aware and less likely to jump to conclusions. You will have the ability to tell them all about how E-cigs are an alternative to smoking. You can even go into detail about the colorless and odorless vapor that is released by E-cigs instead of smoke.

By making your coworkers aware of how well E-cigs are working for you, it is possible to make E-cigs acceptable in your place of work. Many of your coworkers will be supportive of your decision to quit smoking and might even consider making E-cigs acceptable in the office. Simply approach the conversation in a thoughtful way.


If your office does not approve of E-cigs in the workplace, you can try out some alternative areas to use your E-cig. It is always possible to use the restroom for a quick E-cig break and you might also go outside to enjoy the fresh air. You can chat with your old smoking buddies and let them in on your new E-cig secret. However, don’t be judgmental and try not to give quitting advice unless they ask. Remember that you were once a smoker too until you learned about the benefits of E-cigs.