The E-cig Workday – Vaping In The Office

There are many sensitive topics that can arise when you are working in close quarters with other individuals. In today’s health conscious world, many companies have bans against the use of tobacco products on company premises. However, E-cigs are not considered to be a tobacco product, which can make the use of E-cigs at the … Read more

EU Moves Forward With Electronic Cigarette Approval Regulations

The European Parliament has changed the regulations for E-cigs. The new regulation approvals will have a huge overlay on the pending FDA regulations that are currently ongoing in the United States. Regulating the E-cig industry is incredibly difficult, but the newly approved regulations do give insight on how regulation will be approached in some small … Read more

FDA Regulations Loom Over The Electronic Cigarette

When it comes to E-cigs, government and FDA regulation is unavoidable. E-cigs are electronic devices that are used to ingest a substance. This means that the issue of E-cig safety is in question and the FDA will look to hand down regulations that calm worries. E-cig safety is at the core of the FDA regulations … Read more

CVS Saying No To Tobacco

CVS Pharmacy is taking the bold move to no longer sell tobacco cigarettes at its 7,600 locations nationwide. This move will go into action in October of 2014 and will make way for E-cigs to take control of the CVS market. This means that CVS is staking high claim in the vape or E-cig market … Read more

Electronic Cigarettes, A Better Option To Smoking

It is important to be educated on all the facts surrounding E-cigs. This is the best way to make an accurate determination on if E-cigs are ideal for you or not. It is important to know that E-cigs are not a cure for smoking and are simply an alternative that is popularly believed to be … Read more

Imperial Tobacco Looking To Go After E-Cig Companies

Imperial Tobacco recently purchased Dragonite International from E-cig inventor Hon Lik. Right now, Imperial Tobacco is behind the top 3 largest tobacco companies in the world. This move to purchase Dragonite International was designed to take on many of the most popular E-cig companies in the market. This move is strategic and Imperial has launched … Read more

E-cig Facts Are Undebatable

When competitors are looking to gain an edge, many are willing to dilute the facts and take any means necessary to undermine the benefits of any new product. Opponents of E-cigs are not looking at this alternative to smoking with an unbiased eye. Many opponents are choosing to create their own facts and present them … Read more

Proper Electronic Cigarette Etiquette

With more and more people seemingly switching to electronic cigarettes in order to overcome the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces, there has been much talk about electronic cigarettes and etiquette. Therefore, people are still not sure whether it is good etiquette to start using an electronic cigarette in an enclosed space such as … Read more

Can E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

With the dangers to your health from smoking well documented, more and more people are looking to give up the habit for the benefit of keeping a minimum quality of life and reducing the imminent risk of cancer. For decades, companies have been looking for new innovative ways to help people to give up smoking … Read more