Hooloo E-liquid Review

Since there is such a large variety of e-liquids available, things for vapers can get a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the right option for their needs. Its is possible to find all kinds of flavors and brands, but in the end, the best option is simply the one that you find more … Read more

Cloud Chasing Basics

The goal of cloud chasing is to get the most impressive vapor clouds that can be created. It has a strong fanbase in the world of vaping, with many competitions being held around the world. Also known as stunt vaping, cloud chasing champions can earn free devices and cash in events that take place every … Read more

GoodeJuice e-liquids

E-liquids are an essential part of the vaping experience so choosing a good manufacturer is very important. GoodeJuice is a well-established brand of e-liquids that has become the favorite option of many vapers thanks to the quality of its products. The company is based in Illinois and it offers a great variety of flavors produced … Read more

Cheap e-juice brands that adjust to any budget

Fine e-liquids can be very expensive but luckily, it is possible to find high quality blends that are pocket-friendly. Since vapers have become more demanding when it comes to flavors, many manufacturers have focused on creating premium options. There are e-liquids created using advanced extraction techniques and available in unique packages. However, the price that … Read more

Black Note E-Liquid Review

Black Note E-liquids are recognized for the gorgeous design of the bottles and the real tobacco flavor that they offer. Black Note NET (naturally extracted tobacco) is a collection of tobacco flavored e-juices that provide a rich, authentic experience. There are 6 fine natural tobacco e-liquids available and the purity of the flavors is guaranteed … Read more

What is a Cartomizer?

It may take some time for new e-cigarette users to get used to the terminology used in the vaping industry. When you switch to electronic cigarettes, words like atomizer and cartomizer will become part of your daily life. To help you understand better how an e-cig works, we’ll focus on one of the most important … Read more

Are you allergic to electronic cigarettes?

One of the concerns of some people who are starting to use electronic cigarettes is the possible allergic reactions that they might experience, or that they are already dealing with. While Propylene glycol (PG) and other e-liquid ingredients may cause allergies, it is important to check if vaping has actually anything to do with the … Read more

Phillip Morris Launches Alternative Smokeless Cigarette

While the tobacco companies are one of the main rivals of electronic cigarettes, the industry has realized the potential of smokeless devices. Giant tobacco manufacturer Phillip Morris, which is the company behind popular brands like Marlboro, launched the IQOS, a smokeless alternative to their traditional tobacco products. Unlike electronic cigarettes, the IQOS does contain tobacco, … Read more

Research Claims that Electronic Cigarettes May Cause Asthma and Emphysema

A study carried out by a team of medical researchers at the Mount Sinai Roosevelt in New York and presented during the 2014 European Respiratory Society congress in Germany, suggested that e-cigarettes could lead to respiratory conditions such as asthma and emphysema. During the congress, which is the largest event in its category, the research … Read more