IPV4S Mod Kit Review

The IPV4s is a ‘sort-of’ new vaping product built on an original design for better temperature control and higher power. The original IPV4 had 100 watts for precision control. The new model gets upgraded to 120 watts and comes with a special new chip that can help really pinpoint temperature control, new charging board, and … Read more

V2 Cigs EX Blank Tank Cartridges Review – E-Liquid & Wax

V2 Cigs has been eager to please the vaping community, and developed some cutting edge vaporizers in the process. For a while, they have also been selling ecig sized re-fillable cartridge tanks, as opposed to only having closed disposable plastic cartomizers compatible with small electronic cigarettes. They are not the first to do it, and … Read more

EGO-T E-Cigarette Review – Still Worth It?

It’s been over a couple of years now that we have seen varied Ego batteries hit the market. Often branded with letters such as the Ego-T and the Ego-C, these first generation batteries helped set the stage for the standard vaporizers that we see today. Recently, I had a look at more recent and cutting … Read more

Joyetech eGrip Review

Over the past couple of years, the e-Cigarette market has seen hundreds of vaporizers flood the market. The competition can’t get any fierce, and that pushes manufacturers to come up with original vaporizers, and one that happens to be my favorite PV format; box mods. The most recent one I got my hands on is … Read more

Gamucci Review

Gamucci is one of the first e-cig makers from Europe. Founded by Taz and Umer Sheikh in 2007, this brand has grown distribution to the international level. They don’t offer a very extensive line of products, limited to a  small 1 battery USB kit, a Micro Deluxe 2 battery e-cigarette kit, and a Vitesse starter … Read more

Revolver Atomizer Tank Review – 2 E-Liquid Flavors At Once

So, the e-cigarette system has pretty much hit a certain plateau of innovation, and new things aren’t coming out every other month anymore, but that doesn’t mean no one’s pushing the envelope, and the Revolver tank is a perfect example. The Revolver Atomizer Tank, manufactured by Totally Wicked E-liquid, brings something new to the table. … Read more

Quick Review Of Mistic’s HAUS E-Go Vaporizer

Taking advantage of their shelf space in Wal-Mart, e-cigarette maker Mistic has moved on to launch their new e-go vaporizer with a wider range of flavors. Mistic now sells a HAUS branded vaporizer. The product incorporates 650mAh eGo style battery and a CE5 clearomizer. Starter Kits and replacement parts are offered. The kit included batteries … Read more

Quick Review of Mistic Electronic Cigarettes

Mistic E-cigs have quickly got known by consumers since making it on Wal-Mart store shelves. If you are testing to see if vaping is for you, then Mistic serves as one of the most affordable choices.  As mentioned, it is predominantly available; at Wal-Mart and almost any prominent gas station, or you can opt to … Read more

CE4 Clearomizer Tank Review

A great vaping experience starts with an electronic cigarette’s performance, which in turn depends on a good atomizer. It is that part that transforms the liquid inside the cartridge into a vapor you can inhale and savor. A good-performing mouthpiece translates into a dense vapor, good nicotine hit, and rich flavor. One innovation that came … Read more

VaporFi VOX 50 MOD Review

If you’re new to vaping or looking for a replacement to your old vaporizer mod, a myriad of options are available in the market. If you want something better and interesting, there can’t be too many that make a difference from what you already had, tried or seen. Well, every now and then, something out … Read more