Is Second-Hand Vapor Harmful?

Is the second-hand vapor produced by electronic cigarettes safe for you? Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new invention, and they have been advertised as being a much healthier alternative to standard cigarettes. In fact, one of their major selling points is the fact that the vapor that is inhaled and then expelled by the user … Read more

Green Smoke now offering new designer battery

For a long time Green Smoke Vapor Electronic Cigarette users have been asking for a black colored battery. We often see the straight black color offered by most major brands of e-cigs and they are a popular pick for many. The black sleek look gives a fresh and elegant style. They called the new design … Read more

Clash files lawsuit against vaping ban

CLASH (Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment) is group that aims to defend the rights of smokers and to ensure that they are not mistreated or attacked because of the habit that they are trying to fight. The group is known for achieving to reverse the smoking ban in public parks in the state of New … Read more

Electronic cigarettes in TV ads

Cigarette advertising has been banned for decades from our TV monitors so it is no wonder why the recent launch of commercials featuring electronic cigarettes has caused such a stir.  This generation is the first to see smoking devices being promoted on TV and the major electronic cigarette brands are taking advantage on the chance … Read more