Pax Vaporizer by Ploom Review

pax_3There are now countless herbal vaporizers in the market today, but if you are looking for one that works like a dream, while remaining compact, and discreet, then Pax is notably worth considering. Portable vaporizers are in high demand because we all need a way to vape when we are out of the house, but performing ones are hard to come by.

The sleek and portable design is small enough to fit in your pocket, and has a comfortable oval shape. Ploom also developed the hardware with much care, featuring a solid construction, quick heating, and bold flavorful vapor. Too many portable herbal vaporizers fail the mark, and hence the Pax has flourished into the most popular portable model to date. The vapor produced is rich in taste and evenly distributed.

Features & Specifications

High-End Materials: Ploom uses nothing but medical and food grade materials for the inner workings. The anodized aluminum casing keeps the device cool, and comes in black, blue, green, white, and purple finishes.

Easy Operation: To turn your Pax on or off, all you need is one discreet click on the mouthpiece. You can be in the midst of a conversation with other people, and vape with ease. There will be no fumbling and no irritating repeated clicks to enter different menus. The intuitive functions are a big plus.

Retractable Mouthpiece: Pax has a remarkable mouthpiece that remains recessed inside the device when not in use. To start vaping, you simply click on top of the mouthpiece and watch it come up and start heating. Pax’s retractable mouthpiece makes it that much more compact when carrying it around.

Fast Heat: It takes up to or less than 30 seconds to heat up from the time you bring the mouthpiece up. The LED light indicator turns green to let you know it’s ready to puff.

3 Temperature Settings: You can set the vaporizer on 3 different temperature settings. The temperature button resides under the mouthpiece, simply remove it to gain access. Each temperature is color coded;

  • Highest – Red: 410°F or 210°C
  • Medium – Orange: 390°F or 199°C
  • Low – Yellow: 370°F or 188°C

Battery Life: The battery on Ploom’s Pax has good performance for such a small device. You can squeeze about 2 hours of use on it, that’s a whole lot of vaping. I find it to last me a full day before needing a recharge. Charging it takes just about 2 hours as well. By shaking the device, the LED indicator changes colors indicating battery level from green – full, yellow – medium, or red – low charge.

Efficient Herbal Vaping: The herb chamber is not big, and can fit about 0.4g at most. However, you can easily get 25-30 strong, large draws from a full chamber.

What Makes Ploom’s Pax the Best Portable Herbal Vaporizer?

So, there’s a few contenders out there, but as far as portable models go, the Pax has more power, and a stronger, richer vaping experience. Most portable vaporizers just don’t provide enough satisfaction to be worth dishing out money for, and although a tabletop Volcano still outperforms it, if you need something small, I can highly suggest the Pax over any other. The construction and hardware technology is worth noting.

Pax Technology & Construction

pax-portable-vaporizerThe compact vaporizer measures only 4 1/8” x 1 2/5” x 7/8”, with a small heating chamber measuring at 7/8” x 3/8” x 3/8”, at a total weight of 100 grams. I wish the heating over was larger, but the high efficiency makes up for it. The chamber comes with a magnetic lid which is kept in place by 2 neodymium magnets that fit securely to prevent lessen the incidence of spillage, and lasts longer than plastic parts.

The casing is made of anodized aluminum which helps disperse heat while you are holding it. It is outfitted with a non-ceramic heating element, and it has an internal accelerometer which detects motion. This motion detector causes this device to go on energy-saving standby mode when it is not in use so that both the battery and the oven contents are conserved.

One of the most significant details of the Pax vaporizer, is the use of medical grade materials and food-grade plastics for the mechanical part of the device. Because of the lack of regulation and oversight on manufacturing, it’s not often to see a company take this much care into producing a high grade and safe vaporizer.


pax-chamberThere’s really not a whole lot of bad to say about the Pax, and if you check other user reviews, you will often see the same opinions and complaints come up. The heating chamber could be bigger, but I personally feel it’s sufficient. You can neatly fit about 0.4 grams at most, without having to over-compress it. I do agree that it could be bigger, and wouldn’t be against it, but I figure you got to have some limitations with the compact format.

The one thing I hate which has nothing to do with the actual Ploom Pax, is all the fake Pax vaporizers out there. There are at least a dozen manufacturers out of China producing counterfeits, and even some of my friends have been duped in purchasing them. They do not operate nearly as well, so it’s very important you buy from an AUTHORIZED DEALER only. Or else, you end up with a low-end piece of junk that doesn’t compare, with no warranty, or way to get your money back.

Where to Buy

pax-contents-kitAs I just warned above, there are endless resellers passing off fake Pax vaporizers. I highly suggest VapeWorld, available in the US and Canada. The kit includes:

  • Ploom Pax Vaporizer
  • Herb Screen
  • Mouthpiece
  • Oven Lid
  • Charging Cord + Dock Station
  • Ploom Cleaning Kit + Lubricant
  • User’s Manual


I can quickly summarize my review by going over why I feel comfortable recommending the Ploom Pax. When compared to all the other portable vaporizers I have used, the only one that comes close is the Magic Flight Launch Box, and although I love it and still use it, the Pax has it beat in terms of efficiency and convenience. The Launch Box is cool and presents its own set of advantages, but it’s a low-tech alternative that comes second to the Pax. If portability is not what you seek, and you want the most powerful and effective vaporizer money can buy, I fully vouch for the Volcano, but if you need to compliment it with a vaporizer to carry around with you anywhere you go, Ploom’s Pax has you covered.

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