What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette, often called e-cig, e-cigarette or personal vaporizer is a battery-powered device which heats up a liquid to produce vapor, mimicking cigarette smoking. Very often, the design itself is made to look like a real cigarette. It uses a heating element called an atomizer to vaporize the liquid. The atomizer is generally located inside the cartridge, which is where the liquid is enclosed and usually doubles as the mouth piece where the user inhales.

The water vapor liquid comes variety of flavors and can contain different concentrations of nicotine but is also popularly used nicotine free. There has been high concern about the safety of electronic cigarettes and with the advent of the internet, myths and extreme opinions against e-cigs keep surfacing, but the truth is that any smoker that makes the switch, is exponentially benefiting his health with no harmful side effects. Lobbying groups from big tobacco are obviously not happy but hey, healthy smoke-free living is a good thing, screw them!

The Daily Mail reported this year that doctors say e-cigarettes are indeed proving to be very effective to help smokers quit. Stating that it could ‘save millions of lives’. Although early studies showed a small increase in success rates as a smoking cessation product when compared to the nicotine patch, thousands of ex-smokers are coming forth about being able to become smoke-free while remaining in control due to the combination of the nicotine and psychological effect the smoking gesture and vapor inhaling had on them. It makes it easier to become healthier on day 1 and users can easily decrease their nicotine intake by downgrading the concentration.

Reputable e-cigs only contain safe high quality food grade ingredients that are FDA approved and are much safer than conventional smoking. Studies have demonstrated that they are comparable to nicotine gum. An almost unnoticeable trace of carcinogens is found in vapor compared to a tobacco cigarette, rendering second hand vapor safe to even children in the same room. Additionally, the water vapor quickly dissipates and is incomparable to a lingering trail of burnt smoke from the unfiltered tip of a cigarette. E-Cigarettes are often allowed in public places due to how safe they really are.

However, the public health concern is valid when there is not enough quality control over a marketed product and with so many e-cig brands hitting the shelves, not all of them are safe. Dangerous substances have been found in low quality brands in the past couple of years bringing forth a need for regulation. This unfortunately means higher prices are on the horizon. We highly advise to stay away from disposable only cheap brands that you purchase at convenience stores or gas stations. The best way to protect your health is to purchase directly online from the manufacturers themselves and only use trusted reputable brands. Our small team of online reviewers at CIA-On-Campus have thoroughly tested and created list of in-depth reviews of all the best quality and safest FDA approved brands in the market to help you find an electronic cigarette that best fits you.

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