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V2 Cigs Coupon Codes 2014 – April

campus15 – Use At Checkout For 15% Discount On All V2 Cigs Starter Kits
campus10 – Use At Checkout For 10% Discount On All OtherV2 Cigs Items




How to Apply or Use V2 Cig Coupon Codes

It’s important to remember to enter your V2 Cigs coupon codes every time you make a purchase. Most of the codes do not expire and should be used on every purchase to always give you the best price possible.

  • Register for a V2 Cigs account or Log in to your existing one.
  • Pick the items or starter kits you wish to purchase and add to your baskets.
  • Reveal and copy or note down the coupon codes on our coupon page.
  • At the checkout page, there will be a coupon code box to add the codes.

Once the code is added, the discount will be applied, and you can simply add more coupons one at a time. You can use these V2 Cigs Coupon Codes on the www.v2cigs.com website but also at one of the European sites www.v2cigs.eu and www.v2cigs.co.uk and www.v2cigs.cz.


Combine Coupon Codes with V2 Cigs Sales Offers

Get huge savings using these V2 Cigs coupon codes, you can use a single coupon code for great savings and combine special offer coupons to stack on the discounts! Use the 15% discount coupon code on All Starter Kits or 10% on all items available. Remember to sign-up for our mailing list to get the first updates on the latest coupons and offers.

V2 Cigs is one of our favorite e-cigarette brands and what better way to for you discover them by saving a bunch of cash? The kind team at V2 Cigs has offered exclusive coupon codes and sweepstake giveaways to our visitors! You can save up to 50% by using a combination of coupons when they offer seasonal deals. Make sure to sign-up to our mailing list for insider updates on the latest offers. We think that V2 Cigs is an industry leader and now you can enjoy the high quality vaping offered with V2 Cigs at a lower cost using these coupons. To use the coupon, simply copy the codes from this page and paste the code at the checkout page on the V2 Cigs website.

Are The Savings Worth It?

V2 Cigs is already one of the best valued cost effective e-cigarette on the market. Their cartridges cost a small fraction of a traditional pack of cigarettes and using re-fillable e-liquid would be like you’re paying a fraction of the cost of a cartridge. The exact numbers using the regular 10% coupon code for cartridges brings the cost to $1.59 per cartridge and for the e-liquid re-fills, it brings the cost down to just $0.59 cents. Pennies compared to what you pay for a pack of smokes!

The real cost for any electronic cigarette user is mostly in the starter kits and batteries. It is important to pick the right brand as they all cost enough money to regret a bad purchase. V2 Cigs is offering a great line of hardware and their e-liquid satisfies even the personal vaporizer gurus.

Now with the addition of a V2 Cigs Coupon code, you can instantly save money on your initial purchase and all purchases in the future. With the 15% coupon, the beginners kit only costs 29$, that is an amazing price to be able to own a V2 Cig. Using the 10% coupon brings cartridges and e-liquid costs to pennies. The investment is quickly made back many times for any smoker making the switch.

Buying online is also the best way to save money. V2 Cigs, like all other major e-cig brands, adopted an online business model along with selling in store locations for the reason that the profit margins are bigger when selling directly to the customer. They ship at a low 5$ flat rate cost no matter how big the order. Skipping transport, extra packaging and whole-selling costs, they prefer you buy directly from them too.

The coupon codes we are offering are exclusive to cia-on-campus.org (e-Cigarette Innovative Atomizers) for bringing you quality and honest reviews. The V2 Cigs coupons will not expire which means you can always get the best price when returning and buying more flavors and re-fills. Additionally, seasonal deals means you can save up to 50% by stacking coupons. Remember to sign-up to our mailing list to be updated on the best offers.

Why V2 Cigs?

V2 Cigs has a great team of designers and engineers working all the time to improve their product line. They have grown to be a top brand a and simply provide an amazing vaping product, flavors, customer service, warranty and to top it all off, some of the lowest prices in the industry. Match that with the V2 Cig coupons, you have yourself a winner. If you compare costs to some of our lower rated reviewed brands, you will notice not only the quality is better but you will also be saving more money in the long run

Based out of Florida, a small team of ex-smokers grew into the industry leaders they are today in less than 4 years. They have been committed to producing the best products available today in the ecig market and have succeeded very well. V2 Cigs has held the top position as the best-selling brand online.

Due to the fast growing popularity of personal vaporizers, many brands surfaced only to be the same clones of re-branded cheap china made e-cigarettes. V2 Cigs are a real electronic cigarette manufacturing brand. They maintain high levels of quality control and have a very hands on maintenance of their off shore production facilities. This fact is shown throughout the quality of the product as well as the long lasting reliability.

V2 Cigs quality control is rigorous and to keep our health safe, batches of e-liquid and re-fills are properly tested and measured for quality before being stamped for sale. Taking it a step further, all test results from the lab are posted online for everyone to see. Ingredients are well listed and kept up to date.

Customer service at V2 Cigs is like being at a 5 star hotel. The phone service is quick and pleasant and for those who rather the digital communication methods, the online chat is staffed with courteous agents who will do everything to please you. Email response is fairly fast considering the large amount of clients they serve every day. Each time we dealt with a care team member, they we’re very professional and knew their products inside out, making it an informative and effective interaction each time.

V2 Cigs Partners with Zig-Zag E-Cigarettes

Last year V2 Cigs announced a slightly controversial partnership with long-time Tobacco company and popular brand Zig-Zag. Some anti-tobacco activists we’re against the idea of letting tobacco companies in on the ecig market. However, we know this is all for the better. Having some of the top names in the tobacco industry recognize the benefits and health improvements from people who switch from smoking to vaping speaks volumes on the matter. Together, they produced some really good disposable e-cigs and an exclusive line of e-liquid re-fill bottles that we already love.

Vapor Couture – V2 Cigs Sister Company

Vapor Couture is a sister company developed by the team at V2 Cigs. As the name suggests, the brand caters to women specifically. The brand was made to be unique and it’s important to note that the hardware is not interchangeable even if they are one from the same company. Vapor Couture offers really cool looks and designs but are limited to their own flavor lines and accessories.

Although the two are complete separate brands and products, Vapor Couture has already grown a very strong following. The technology is similar, the design is different, but the quality is just as great. The same can be said for warranties and customer service. The flavors are notably different while still providing their own version of staple favorites.


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