South Beach Smoke Disposable E-Cig

South Beach Smoke is another heavy hitter in the world of electronic cigarettes. They have a very large and loyal fan base to attest to their product and creative flavors. Being one of the top selling disposables, I had already tried them out before writing this review. I quickly collected feedback from the other reviewers on our team and put together a quick summary of the South Beach Smoke disposable ecig.


southbeach-eCig-disposableThe South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarette comes with their signature leak-proof silicone tip as well as the orange colored LED tip. Vapor Zone is associated with South Beach Smoke and produces some of the best e-liquids in the industry. They tried hard to bring the same quality to the disposable cartomizers and their disposable e-cig is rated as being equivalent to two packs. We found them to be better than average. It’s hard to please a veteran vaping fanatic with disposables, but they are pretty good. Vapor amount is thick and provides a respectable throat hit. In the disposable realm, it probably ranks among the better single use electronic cigarettes available.

Like many other brands, South Beach Smoke limits the choice of flavor and nicotine strength on disposables. This is needed to make them commercially viable but is unfortunate for regular disposable users. With a choice between Classic Tobacco and Menthol, users can only get 18mg nicotine concentration with the South Beach disposable e-cigarettes.


One thing makes South Beach Smoke stand out in the disposables department and that is the price they sell them for. If you buy directly on their website, they cost between $2.50 and $3.00. That is usually the cost of a replacement cartridge, making this the best priced disposable on the market in its quality range. Although the vapor is not like their rechargeable models, at that price, it’s a very good value. They are available in Packs of four, eight or twelve. Sign-up to our mailing list to be updated on offers and check out for available coupons for extra discounts.

If you are looking to try out e-cigs for the first time, or want to share them with someone as a present, I think the South Beach disposable is the perfect choice. The packaging is really neat and if you enjoy them, than you certainly know that you would really like their starter kits and extensive e-liquid flavors much better. South Beach Smoke is known for having great popping flavors like Mojito and Juicy Fruit watermelon and strawberry. You even get to mix and match your own creations and after trying their disposables, it’s well worth exploring for another level of vaping enjoyment. You can also read our full South Beach Smoke Review here.


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