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Green Smoke offers discount coupons available all the time so you can save money every time you buy directly from them. Being a premium brand Green Smoke costs more than the average quality e-cigarettes on the market, so we highly suggest to take advantage of these Green Smoke coupons every time you re-purchase to save you the most money on the long run. If you sign-up to our mailing list, you will also be updated about all the latest Green Smoke promotions the day off.

Green Smoke Coupons 2014

20% Off First Time Buyer Starter Kits
Coupon Code: Kitsave20

10% Off All Purchases Over $100
Coupon Code: disc10-26836

5% Off All Purchases Under $100
Coupon Code: disc05-26836

10% All Purchases for UK
Click Here For UK Deals



For a very long time now, Green Smoke has been the favorite e-cig for many reviewers and writers here at CIA, we love the brand’s quality and vapor but they cost a bit more than the average brands available. It today’s economy, everyone is just trying to get by. Thankfully, Green Smoke has seasonal deals that can be added on to the existing codes and offer free shipping in the US and the UK. You can also possibly win Starter Kits here at, Green Smoke has been sponsoring giveaways as a thank you for our kind words and reviews as a way to give back to their customers.

Green Smoke has been pioneering quality electronic cigarettes and quality customer service for years now and have almost 4 million satisfied customers! We consider them one of the most recommendable brands still today in 2014. We hope that our coupons and deals give more of you the chance to discover Green Smokes.

How Much Can You Save With Green Smoke?

Green Smoke e-cigs offer an alternative to traditional smoking at a fraction of a cost. Even being a premium costing brand, they value is still very big. An average cartridge of Green Smoke costs about $2.50 at regular price, much less than a pack of smokes. However, Green Smoke’s product quality lies in the batteries and their high grade cartridges last 25% percent longer than other popular leading brands. We can attest that the product does last a good part longer in puffs than most brands.

Seasonal offers from Green Smoke are the best time to buy. You can usually get up to 25% discounts that can be added to our regular permanent coupons, giving you the best price possible. For those of you who cannot afford a starter kit from Green Smoke at full price, sign-up for out mailing list to get updated when they have a promotion on. When you sign-up you also enter a contest for Starter Kit giveaways from our top brands!

Since Green Smoke costs a bit more than most popular electronic cigarette brands in terms of batteries and cartridges, it’s good to have permanent coupons that allow you to save every time you buy re-fills. Always purchasing directly from the Green Smoke website is also the best way to get the lowest price. Free shipping and great customer service, what else can you ask for? I always feel safer buying directly from the manufacturer as well since having discovered so many fake replica brands as well as just unknown low quality e-cigs that left a bad taste in my mouth.


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