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Electronic Cigarette Guide 2015

Hi, welcome to e-Cigarette Innovative Atomizers Electronic Cigarette Guide. We are a group of avid e-cig users who came together to create this informational guide to answer all the-cig_guidee questions a newbie might have and help you pick the best electronic cigarettes for your money. This e-cig guide will teach you everything you need and want to know as well as guide you in the right direction for your first purchase. We separated the guide in two parts. The first part covers some of the most frequently asked questions about electronic cigarettes and provides detailed information on the fundamentals that will make you an e-cig pro today. Some readers out there whom might have tried cheap brand e-cigarettes and been very disappointed are welcomed to stick around. We promise our reviews will help you find an amazing e-cigarette vaping experience.

What is an electronic cigarette?

ecig_smileAn electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, e-cig, or personal vaporizer (PV), is simply a small battery operated vaporizer. The handheld device uses the battery to power a heating coil that heats up and vaporizes a contained liquid. This heating device is called an Atomizer, and essentially is a heating coil inside an enclosed cartridge containing “e-liquid”.  This e-liquid comes in many flavors and will optionally contain nicotine. When the user sucks on the end of the cartridge, just like one would take a drag of a cigarette, the battery activates and heats up the atomizer producing a vapor that creates a similar experience to smoking. Without the combustion of tobacco, vaporizers provide an alternative to tobacco smoking without harmful smoke toxins, tar, ashes, yellow teeth or bad breath.

How does an e-cigarette work?

Well, there are various models and mechanical engineering feats that have developed in the last few years, bringing us high quality e-cigarettes and complex and high performing ecig_redPersonal Vaporizers or PVs. However, its’ main design remains essentially the same. Generally powered by a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge containing the e-liquid that holds the vapor creating liquid, flavor and nicotine.  All of these 3 components have been improved or changed by many manufacturers but basically still serve the same purpose and are all you need to understand the basic workings of all electronic cigarettes.

Very often today, the atomizer and cartridge will be one unit that is usually disposable, recyclable but sometimes re-usable for a certain amount of time. The options vary on every element. We get into those details with every e-cig brand review but more importantly right now, we want you give you a clear simple understanding. Here are two popular designs of e-cigarettes that are made to resemble real cigarettes;

ecig_01 ecig_02

As you can see, it has a Rechargeable Battery with a threaded contact at one end. The second part is the cartridge, inside is the atomizer, a small heating coil that uses the battery power to vaporize the e-liquid contained in the cartridge. As illustrated, some models have the atomizer as a separate reusable part. Many variants to these models exist and we will cover them in the second part of this guide.

The way the operator is able to use the device, is by simply sucking or inhaling as one would smoke a cigarette. The battery is hollow in the center with airflow vents at the tip, all the way through the atomizer and cartridge, allowing you to blow air in just as realistically as you would traditionally smoke a cigarette or cigar. Voila, that is how it works.

Is an electronic cigarette a smoking cessation device?

quit_smokingNo. It is important to note that e-cigs are not smoking cessation devices, nor do they claim to be. However, because the e-liquid can contain nicotine, many smokers switch to e-cigarettes. When e-cigs hit the market, new manufacturers quickly made claims that electronic cigarettes could be used to quit smoking. The FDA quickly overturned the claim due to lack of scientific studies to back it up and it is now illegal to promote vaporizers as cessation devices. Various independent studies done in the past few years have shown great potential and more will continue to surface, but at this time are still considered too early or small to be conclusive by FDA regulators.

Is It Safe?

The first concern we have is always our health. Although the opinions on e-cig safety are still mixed, electronic cigarette do not combust or burn material causing harmful smoke or even use tobacco. Burning tobacco smoke is comprised of a list of deadly toxins, tar and horrible smell. They cause various cancers, make your teeth yellow and destroy your cardio. Electronic cigarettes offer the best alternative to date, as you are not really smoking but instead inhaling vapor or ‘vaping’, from a liquid compromised of safe ingredients and very small amount of chemicals. Nicotine is optional for existing smokers who need to feed their cravings, but non-smokers can safely vape nicotine free. It is unquestionably much safer and healthier to use a handheld vaporizer against smoking cigarettes. Various celebrities are always seen vaping in public, and we believe that with regulation, it will only get safer. Additionally, people forget to consider the number of deaths associated to cigarette smoking that are not even health related. House fires are started in majority by cigarette butts. All our furniture and clothing has had to been made more fireproof with a range of cancerous chemicals all funded by the tobacco industries to keep things hush-hush. If you look at the facts and studies, you can tell that almost every study that comes out is in favor of the electronic cigarette, while underlining the dangers of nicotine.

It is naïve to think that electronic cigarettes are always safe for our health. First and foremost, let’s address nicotine; it is a potent and very toxic stimulant drug that causes a “reward system” dependence in users. Health risks are serious and vary from increased blood pressure and heart rate, risk of artery disease to less serious side effects like vomiting and loss of appetite. Nicotine also needs to be consumed responsibly and it is important to try and avoid increasing intake and dependency.

E-Cigs or e-Liquid containing nicotine should ALWAYS be kept away from a child’s reach as the toxic nicotine can be lethal to a child in small doses. A teaspoon of nicotine containing e-liquid can be enough for a small child to overdose and with flavored bottles that come in bubble gum or chocolate can catch a child’s attention. We highly advise being extremely responsible with all e-cig products containing nicotine. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the nicotine can be ingested in liquid format, increasing the risk with kids. We cannot stress this fact enough to everyone out there. More than a few unfortunate reports of children falling sick due to ingesting flavored e-liquid have made the news. Please be safe and you will never have to be sorry.

Additionally, it is important to stick to reputable brands that use safe and approved ingredients. Because electronic cigarettes are not yet officially regulated by the FDA, we highly suggest to buy online directly from the most reputable manufacturers. Doing so ensures that you are not taking a risk on a company that buys wholesale e-liquid overseas as well as the best hardware that actually works correctly and under a good warranty. There is also risk of faulty hardware, we have heard a report of batteries exploding it cheap replica brands. We do not welcome you to take any risks, all of the long-time reputable brands we review and present have a track record of millions of happy customers.

We keep saying it but, once again, buy directly from reputable merchants online. Not only is it the safest way, buying directly on their website also means they can give you the best possible price and extra promotions!

What is e-Liquid?
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The liquid that is heated up to produce vapor is commonly called e-liquid. The ingredients used from brand to brand remain generally the same but are offered in various different flavors. The e-Liquid can contain various concentrations of nicotine to try and match a smoker’s daily intake. All brands offer the option of no nicotine at all for the healthiest e-liquid_refillexperience and for non-smokers to be able to enjoy without risking dependency. The two main ingredients are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. They both act as vapor producing agents and can generally be found in a 50/50  or 70/30 mixture of VG/PG. The PG produces a harder throat hit and less vapor, while the VG produces more vapor but is much softer on the throat and also tastes sweeter. Let’s go over each ingredient so you know exactly what you are inhaling:

Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene Glycol is a synthetic organic glycerol, commonly used as a humectant, solvent and preservative in a range of products such as food, pet food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and tobacco products. It is also bactericidal, which means it kills bacteria and is beneficial to keeping e-liquid sterile. It’s generally recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This ingredient is used as a humectant in e-liquid to create the visual effect of the vapor smoke. E-liquid can be found to contain a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or just one or the other, both being used to create the visual vapor. PG is used for a harder throat hit and are usually used in mixture with VG to produce a balanced mix.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Just like Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin is used as a humectant in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. It has the same vapor creating use as PG but it produces even thicker vapor, is softer on the throat and has a little bit more sweetness to the taste. It is commonly known as Glycerol and is simply a sugar alcohol compound. Again, just like PG, It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical products as a humectant, solvent, sweetener and helps preserve foods. It is generally considered non-toxic. As mentioned above, a combination of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol can be found in e-liquid to provide a balanced and soft vapor. Some brands only use VG as it is softer on the throat and about 1% of Americans have allergies to Propylene Glycol, if you discover you are one of those, make sure to switch to a 100% VG e-cig or e-liquid.

Flavoring: Most electronic cigarette brands create their flavor palettes using human consumption grade food flavorings and additives. The biggest brands have their own labs developing amazing flavors using safe ingredients that are straight from the actual taste source. Artificial flavors might sound like a bad thing but the product is simply a purified taste molecule. However this is still of concern. Since there are no FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes or flavorings used, once again we urge everyone to only purchase from reputable brands and even more importantly, purchase directly from them online, ensuring you do not buy fake or replicas possibly containing harmful chemicals.

Nicotine: Nicotine freebase is used inside the e-liquid of e-cigs. It is much more potent but this liquid form is capable of evaporating in the low heat produced by the atomizer. The nicotine is delivered in a balanced amount with the vapor. The nicotine is an option of existing smokers whom already consume it with tobacco products. Being able to switch from smoking to vaping requires nicotine for the user to have the similar pleasure. Most users of e-cigs are indeed smokers, so the market has properly catered to users, often offering varied concentrations to match a smoker’s usual daily cigarette count. Lower concentrations, will allow you the same amount of vapor puffs as a higher concentration while safely allowing you to remain at the same consumption level, with the option to try and lower your nicotine intake.

To conclude the safety and ingredient content concerns, we know that it is important to be very responsible with handling nicotine freebase containing products and ensuring that a child can never get to them. We also highly advised against buying e-cigarettes at gas stations and convenience stores. With an un-regulated product readily available and popular to the point that hundreds of unknown, re-branded and re-packaged china products have surfaced and fake replicas of the most popular brands and commonly known to exist, sold all over to merchants who do not know better or eBay. The only real way to stay safe is to buy directly from the most reputable manufacturers on their website, eliminating any middle-men and additionally providing you the best prices.

Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Alright, now that we have properly covered the fundamental basics and safety concerns of e-cigs, we can get right to some fun stuff. We will cover the different types of popular e-cigarettes available on the market. Many variants exist and new products are developed every year, but these types are enough to categorize each one individually.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes
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electronic_cig_01 electronic_cig_02electronic_cig_03electronic_cig_04




The rechargeable e-cig is the most popular and widely used type of e-cigarette. We find this is the most convenient and cost effective way to switch to vaporizing. Most rechargeable batteries last one year or more for medium to heavy users. The cartridges are disposable and cost a fraction of a traditional pack of cigarettes.  Additionally, some brands have the option of using refillable blank cartridges with e-liquid bottles providing any even cheaper way to vaporize.

The battery is surely the most important part of a rechargeable e-cig. A high quality and long lasting battery is important for any daily user. The life durability of the battery is also very important and having a good warranty is a must to protect your investment.  Brands offer many different types of batteries ranging in size and voltage as well as being manual or automatic. Manual batteries require the user to push down a button to activate to help save battery life, while automatic batteries will either try to follow the user’s inhaling or have a set timer to shut off on its own. Rechargeable batteries last one year or more for medium to heavy users. The cartridges are disposable and cost a fraction of a traditional pack of cigarettes.  Additionally, some brands have the option of using refillable blank cartridges with e-liquid bottles providing any even cheaper way to vaporize.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
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disposable_ecig_02 disposable_ecig_01




Most first time users end up trying a disposable electronic cigarette. They are commonly found in gas stations, bars and convenience stores alongside tobacco products. Good manufacturers offer high quality disposable e-cigarettes. The battery is designed for one time use and can often be recycled back to the manufacturer for reward points, this includes cartridges for re-usable ones as well. Casual users will usually opt for a disposable being much more convenient to buy a single and not very expensive.  One disposable is about the equivalent of traditional pack of cigarettes but also usually costs the same price and sometimes more! For this reason, they are not a viable option for regular users. It’s also a great option to try new brands and flavors once and awhile.

They vary tremendously in quality and can sometimes be very good. However, as we have already covered, because these are cheap and readily available, we advise to stay away from over the counter purchases and select the best brands online. We cover various disposables from the top brands in 2014. Make sure to check those out for more in-depth information.

E-Go Electronic Cigarettes
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Electronic cigarettes are generally designed to look like a real cigarette, although often offered in various colors, they still essentially keep the same shape and similar smaller sizes. The smaller batteries and simple effective designs limit battery life and options. The E-Go ecig is designed for those who want more battery power, more vapor puffs, more e-liquid. The E-Go option offers a much bigger battery style, no longer resembling a cigarette but more like a new age smoking pipe. These past few years they have gained a large share of the market as the re-fillable option is the most cost effective and heavy users are pleased with the bigger, stronger and longer lasting devices. Egos also kept a universal fitting of size 510 threading, making almost all available tanks, cartridges and batteries are interchangeable between brands and manufacturers.  Ego cigs are a cool option for regular users wanting to try a level up on performance and customization. These do require to be re-filled manually and also need a minimum amount of maintenance.

Personal Vaporizers (PV) – Mods (modified devices)
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personal_vaporizer_01 personal_vaporizer_02 personal_vaporizer_03 personal_vaporizer_04




If you want the cream of the crop of if you’re the techy type that wants to customize to the maximum, behold the personal vaporizer. Commonly called a PV, the personal vaporizer is even bigger than an Ego e-cig. These vaporizers are hi-tech devices that usually have an LCD screen to help control various options most notably heat temperatures. The batteries are removable and the devices feature the largest and most advanced atomizers and tanks. Nerds and techies alike love their PVs and some really take the personal to the next level. Commonly known as MODS, there are so many cool artisan and professionally manufactured Mods. These models can range from anything like a Nintendo controller turned into a personal vaporizer to a cool James Bond 007 stylish portable vaporizer. These are really cool to say the least, but they do cost more on the initial purchase and require more maintenance.

Electronic Cigars
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e-cigar_01 e-cigar_02 e-cigar_03 e-cigar_04




E-Cigars came to be quickly after the high popularity of electronic cigarettes. With new anti-tobacco laws in public spaces, cigar smokers are no longer able to enjoy their peeve while playing at a cards table or while reading the newspaper at the airport, well not anymore. Electronic Cigars filled a void in the market for those who only enjoy cigars over smoking cigarettes. Now having a safe and healthy alternative is also more reason to indulge.  They quickly became popular among their targeted audiences and have received great reviews.  E-cigars bring the rich taste and feel of a cigar, top brands offer great flavors minus the strong residual smell or toxic smoke of the tobacco cigar.

First Time Buyers

We suggest you check out our reviews on all the top brands available. It will give you an in-depth idea of the brand, their product strengths and can help give you a good idea what to expect from each one of them. But first, let us cover some basics for first time buyers and newcomers.

Starter Kits
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Almost every electronic cigarette brand has adopted a universal Starter Kit product line. The companies all offer a few different starter kits that include at least one rechargeable battery and some cartridges. They offer entry level starter kits that offer the bare minimum to get started to more advanced kits for one or two people all the way to bulk packages for bigger savings. The starter packages also ultimately offer a better price that purchasing all the items individually. Usually about five different starter kits are offered to cater to most people. They can cost a good chunk of money but the investment is quickly recuperated as cartridges cost much less than cigarettes.

Instead of purchasing a starter kit, someone who is wary of not enjoying the product can verify if the brand offers a disposable cigarette. This allows a first time buyer to try one or two flavors without investing money on rechargeable batteries. However, some brands offer less performing disposables and due to the cheaper atomizer, the flavor and vapor can yield different results. We encourage you to verify our reviews for money back guarantees, some of our top brands will fully refund your purchase within 30 days if you are not fully satisfied.

Picking Flavors and Nicotine Content

Each brand offers their own personalized line of flavors. Most of the popular ones are offered by all the top brands and some specialized flavors are sometimes more exclusive. Most brands will offer enough flavors to please anyone but it is important to check out each flavor palette to make sure the flavors you like most have good reviews. Some brands have really good realistic tobacco flavors and if that is what you are looking for, V2 Cigs and Green Smoke are both known for their own well balanced versions. Whacky flavors from bubble gum to chocolate are really popular, I mentioned those two because they are my personal favorites!

Nicotine concentration is very important. One cartridge is about the equivalent of about one pack of cigarettes at 24mg of nicotine. Medium smokers would opt for 18mg while light smokers would go for 6 or 12. Most brands offer a chart that measures the content in percentage values that are easy to understand. It is very important to gauge how much nicotine is needed to make the switch as increasing your intake can make you feel uneasy and sick and generally unwanted. If anything, you can now concentrate and control lowering your nicotine intake anytime you want.

Refillable e-Liquid Bottles or Disposable Cartridges?

Both options are good. For any regular user, you need a rechargeable battery, but for cartridges, even disposable ones still cost a fraction of a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Usually running about $2-$2.50 per cartridge, the savings are considerably fantastic. However, you can really save a ton more if you switch to refillables. The e-liquid bottles are not very big, it only requires a couple of drops at a time and last you a very long time. You can vary flavors probably more often and is a popular choice amongst avid users like us, the group of blog writers here at e-Cigarette Innovative Atomizers e-cigarette reviews. We love our e-liquids and once you have got accustomed to vaping, refillables and e-liquid bottles are the natural next step.

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