Disposable Vs Rechargeable E-Cigs?

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarettes are usually sold in single units typically being the equivalent of 1 to 2 packs of conventional cigarettes. Most of the top brands offer them and they can generally be found everywhere from gas stations, convenience stores to tobacco and cigar shops. They are made to be thrown out after a single battery charge cycle. Disposable e-cigs offer a quick and convenient way to vaporize.

Disposables make a great option for causal vaping, convenient and inexpensive for occasional use on outings for example. Additionally, it’s a great way to try a product’s flavors before making a big purchase but keep in mind that the quality of the battery power is inferior to rechargeable models, often slightly affecting the feel and taste. Those are just about the only two advantages we can give merit to.

Disposables would become very expensive overtime if used regularly. The price for a single disposable at a convenience store is comparable to a pack of cigarettes and with imposing tax regulations by the FDA are certainly going to make them even less economical. One of the great advantages to come with e-cigs is the customization and variations available in terms of functionality, flavors and nicotine concentration. With disposables, a very limited range of flavors and nicotine levels are usually available to make them viable. Additionally, none of the cool technological advancements or customizable options will ever be offered.

Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

Seasoned vapers all use rechargeable e-cigs over disposables as their daily electronic cigarette. The first thing a regular e-cig user will tell you, is that the quality is much better. The build quality and atomizers perform better along with long lasting powerful battery sources, providing a much better vaping experience. The design is much improved, usually composed of two parts, the battery unit and a screw-on cartridge that is discarded and replaced when the vapor liquid dries out. The battery is easily recharged when running low, using a variety of USB, wall or car chargers. Some top brands even offer portable charging cases as optional accessories, assuring you’ll be charged up, no matter where you are.

The options go on, having a variety of flavors to pick from with any given line, users often discovered that some brand batteries and cartridges are interchangeable. Pre-filled disposable cartridges are not the only option either. Re-fillable blank cartridges and flavored e-liquid bottles are easy to use and are a great way to save tons of cash. Purchasing a complete electronic cigarette kit a bit expensive but well worth the savings in the long run when compared to disposable e-cigs. Obviously, the savings are even greater for ex-smokers.

What’s really cool about electronic cigs is that the market is still new and regularly, e-cig brands are trying to make a better product. A variety of devices such as APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) also known as mods have grown in popularity, giving the users options to have a more personalized or advanced electronic cigarette. These devices provide many levels of vaporizer performance that you will not find in typical e-cigs. The possibilities are endless and performance and usability of rechargeable e-cigarettes are really great.

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