Bull Smoke Buckshot Disposable E-Cig

bullsmoke_buckshotBull Smoke offers a fantastic disposable electronic cigarette they call The Buckshot. This disposable e-cig features a strong single-use battery rated up to 450 puffs.  That is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes for only 5$. Comparably priced disposables are available, but fall short of the quality provided by the Bull Smoke Buckshot disposable e-cigarette. The powerful battery along with a high quality atomizer provide a high level of vapor, giving that real smoking experience. Most disposables available do not provide a similar amount of vapor as rechargeable to start with. The batteries have lower capacity and output than the Buckshot disposable e-cig. Bull Smoke themselves claim to have the best disposable cigarette on the market and at the right price. We think it’s good but for long term and regular usage solutions, a starter kit would fit the bill best


Produced out of the United States, Bull Smoke’s motto is to deliver high quality products and have developed their technology in the past few years, growing in popularity very quickly. They care about pleasing customers and it shows. The product is well branded and the packaging is fresh. The fact that they offer single disposables at 5$, puts them ahead of many electronic cigarette manufacturers that only offer disposable packs of 5 and such. Having the opportunity to try their product and any of the flavors for only 5$ is really cool. Additionally, the disposable e-cig is a close second to the rechargeable version, giving you a good idea of the Bull Smoke vapor quality.

After trying it for myself, I can attest to high puff count. It lasted a long time, using it constantly, I was able to puff for two whole days, but on my more regular usage, it would die on the 3rd day, matching what 2 packs of traditional cigarettes use to last me. For the price, it almost did not feel like a disposable and I had the reflex of recharging it once. The vapor amount is high and really surprised me. After testing side by side with the Bull Smoke rechargeable model, it came in a very close second, and I mean close. I am sure if I ran a blind test with some friends, some would surely guess wrong.  

bullsmoke-disposablesAs mentioned, all of the flavors come in disposable format and they also have different concentration levels of nicotine. Compared to what we typically find at a convenience store or gas station costs around $7 to $10 and is not comparable in quality. It usually lasts for 200 puffs or so and often don’t have any nicotine or don’t provide much options on concentrations levels.  This makes the Bull Smoke Buckshot a satisfying choice in more than one way.

Bull Smoke allows you to save even more with “Bull Bucks”. If you end up getting a starter kit after trying their disposable e-cigarette, you will receive 30 points to start and be eligible to earn points for every future purchase. Loyal customers get perks and special offers putting money back into the customer’s pockets. In conclusion, if you are a newcomer to electronic cigarette smoking or even a veteran and have not tried Bull Smoke, we highly suggest you visit their website and try it out now. If you want to learn more about the rechargeable models, read our full Bull Smoke review.


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