Greensmoke Disposable

Hi everyone. This article is meant for all of you long time smokers who are hesitant to dish out the money for a full starter kit. Today we’re taking a look at Green Smokes Vapors – disposable e-cigs. These economical, single use e-cigs are great for light or heavy smokers alike and are the perfect introduction for first time vapers. There are no chargers or cables to remember as each unit is ready to go out of the box.


green_smoke_disposable_01Green Smoke claims that a typical user will get roughly the equivalent of 30-50 traditional cigarettes orabout 200-400 puffs out of the Vapor disposable. This figure is obviously heavily dependent on how often you’re vaping and the intensity with which you’re puffing. I’ve used the product quite heavily and I would tend to agree that I’m at least getting 200-250 puffs out of a unit as a heavy puffer but other reviewers from the site advise hitting over 300 each time. There also isn’t any fear of the cartridge running out or the liquid going bad as the disposables are designed to be inactive for extended periods of time. This means you can enjoy a single disposable for weeks or even months before needing a new one. In theory, as long as there is liquid within the cartridge the unit should continue to work.

The one hiccup is that Green Smoke is not currently selling single units of the disposables and have decided to package them in groups of 6 which is a little frustrating. Fortunately, this is where the negatives stop. The truly surprising aspect of these disposables is how closely they are able to recreate the experience of the pricier starter kits with all the bells and whistles. What we’ve found throughout our countless reviews is that most disposables are a legitimate alternative but the throat hit and vapour volume tend to be substantially lower than the rechargeable units. This in turn reduces overall satisfaction with the product especially among long time or heavy smokers. Not so for the Green Smoke disposable which are shockingly similar in both design and function. They offer great vapor volume almost on par with their full starter kits. The slim design and satisfying throat should be pleasantly familiar for smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes. With that said, they still come in second and if  you want the real Green Smoke experience, you must try the Green Smoke Starter Kits instead.








As most other disposable electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke has limited choice in flavor and strength to a couple of their most popular picks.The disposable units are currently available in just two flavors. Firstly we have Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice which are available in the standard strength, 1.8% nicotine solution. Unfortunately there is no disposable available with no nicotine as of yet so this product is definitely not recommended for this in the final stages of quitting nicotine. 

If you’re still not convinced then you should know that a large portion of Green Smoke’s clientele started off with the disposable units. Green Smoke understands that people are very weary of fantastic claims in the internet age and they’ve really gone out of their way to win you over with what is essentially their “trial” product. If you’re a long time smoker on the fence about e-cigs please give this product a chance. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Read our full Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review here.